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As you looked up at Sehun you felt your eyes get bigger and out of no were you started to smile at him so hard without meaning to.

"Oh God I cannot do it. Y/N I know you said you are a girl, but please do not look at me like that right now. You are inside of Chen's body and Chen is a boy, so it is kind of weird." Sehun said and looked off to the other side of the living room.
Xiumin came from one of the other rooms, maybe his, with a big smile and jump into the sofa you were sitting at. He put his now shoeless feet up in your lap and got comfortable.

"I do not care," Xiumin said looking at you then smiling as he grab a remote control and got if possible more comfortable in the couch.

"So Y/N do you like us EXO best of all or is there a boy group you like more then us?" asked Xiumin looking at the screen of the T.V.

"I have always liked EXO the best.." you whisper, you looked at his feet, they were so cute? hot? how can feet be cute? or even hot? did you grow a foot fetish? What in the world is wrong with you?

Xiumin looked at you, "how can this be a girl?" he thought as he saw Chen examine his feet. He looked just find, but then again he was sitting with his legs really close together, and he looked so intimidated by his feet.

As you sat there you finally remember that you really, really, really need to go pee. You had been holding it in since the flight and even if you had your legs as pressed together as possible you could feel yourself about to pop. You looked up to see Xiumin looking at you with a raised eyebrown.

"I really do love EXO the most." you commented and looked to see if Xiumin will looked away. He did not he just stared harder. "I actually have a confession to make I have to go pee"

Xiumin just stared at you again this time confused. Sehun looked at you from above your head and then asked you " What does that have to do with us? You can go the bathroom is the second door to the left at the end of that hallway." he stated then pointed down the hallway most of the boys had gone to.

Obviously Sehun did not get it maybe not even Xiumin, this was going to be so awaker and hard to explaine. You took a deep breath then looked down at your hands as you stared to mummble " ahh i ... it.... it is just..... well you see.... i..." how do you explaine to the guys you have never pee as a boy before?

Xiumin sat up and gave you his full attention " What is wrong Chen? I mean Y/N?" He corrected himself then looked at you.

You took a deep breath then closed your eyes as you let it out, " I have never been a boy before, I need to go to the bathroom, but I do not think it is okay to do so, I do not want to violated Chen's body, but i have to pee..." you said in a wail.

The other guys came in at that time from their room with the biggest eyes you could ever guess possible. They looked at each other for some type of way of explaining things or something to tell you without sounding creepy.

"Well there is nothing we can really do, I mean it is not like we can go to the bathroom with you, but then again I am sure both Chen and you will feel very weird out by you going to the bathroom in his body." Suho said as he sat in the chair across from you.

"Ahhhh, HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!" you hear Chanyeol laughing at something in his phone as he sat down. " You do not have anything to worry about Y/N Chen said to tell you sorry, but he has gone to the bathroom, changed clothes, and taken a shower already. He did said to tell you he really is very sorry, but you should never think you are not beautiful."

It took you a minute to finally let that sink in, that means that Chen saw you naked? WHAT?! Your mind went blank and all you could think about was did you shave corretly last night?

"I am going to the bathroom!" you yelled as you got up from the sofa. You storm off to the second to last door in the left like Sehun had said before, but you stop at the doorway. You turn around and looked at the guys again. They were all looking at you to see what you were going to do.

"Guys i have no idea how to do it.." You mumble

They all cracked up laughing at you again, then Baekhyun gat up from his spot and went to your side and whisper in your ear. "Just take it out and hold it until you are done, you know then just tap, then wipe if you do number two, wash your hands." You looked at him he smiled at yo back kindly.

"Okay," You said and took in a big breath then walked in, you looked down at your pants, there was a black leather belt wrap around your waist. First undo to belt, it look a minute you do not usually were belts. All you had to do now was unbutton and unzip why is this so hard? You were thinking about backing out but you felt a chill from how bad you had to pee. Here goes nothing! "I am so sorry Chen ." you pray as you reached for the button.

All the boys sat outside, waiting for the reaction, she had gone inside the bathroom for around 20 seconds when they hear Chen's voice scream from inside, follow by "Eww, Oh GOd Hlep Me!" they all looked at each other and laugh.

You could here the EXO members laughing outside, but you never taught you will be stuck in this situation. "I regret all my bad life desicions." You finished your business trying to get Chen's private parts out of your mind.

As you walked outside you saw that some of the members specially Chanyeol, Kai, D.O, and Baekhyun had tears in their eyes. You could not see them in their faces, this was so embarresing, why ugh?

"Guys, come on lets not make this any more weird that it already is let's go to sleep and as soon as Chen calls us we will pick him up." Suho said standing up he went towards your side. "Y/N do you want to share the room with Xiumin Hyun just like Chen usually does? You will get your out bed so do not worry about that part."

You looked up at him, you just needed to sleep and take a break so that sounded so amazing right now.

" Yes, please I am so tired I am not really used to this time zone yet," you answer and let Suho lead you to a room at the other end othe dorm.

"Xiumin, do you want to bring the spare pillow and blankets from the closet?" Suho asked Xiumin who yelled back "No!", but headed for the closet.

You smiled he was just liked Baekhyun had said he was in that reality T.V show 306. You could feel your head getting light and as the guys helped you get your self into Chen's bed you let yourself sink into the bed slowly letting the worries of the day fall off. The last thing you remeber was Xiumin getting into the bed across from you "Oh this is perfect! " you tought half asleep already " I get to wake up to Xiumin sleeping next to me. It is going to be like we sleeped together!" yo giggled as you let youself go finally.

"That is wierd" Xiumin tought "why did Chen, no Y/N laught did she see something weird?" he looked at himself, nothing out of placed. Oh well may as well go to sleep tomorrow was going to be a hard day.

Everyone else was still in the living room talking about what they could do to fix this. "There is a witch at village near Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk, maybe we can find something there." D.O said everyone nodded.

"We need to go to sleep for now." Suho said started to shoo everone away.

Everyone obey and started to slowly go to their own rooms and the noisy died down slowly but sure in the dorm.

The Next Day

You open you eyes, there was sunshine streaming from the window and something in your arm was burning. Everything hurt, but that sleep really helped you feel better. You started to streched your arms out some then you shoot up into a sitting positon.

"Ahhh!" you scream something hit your head. It was the roof of a bed, wait a bunk bed? But you were sleeping in a sinlge last night. Did the guys moved you? Maybe Xiumin felt weirded out by you sleeping next to you, you turn to see who was acrossed from you. It was D.O ugh? and the thing burning in your arms were two contact lens." Wait this feels wrong again," you thought then got up from the bed and looked in the mirror, Chanyeol looked back at you from there. Not again, at the same time you hear someone scream from some other room. You could bet anything it was Chen,

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