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Hello Topp Klass! It's Suki here with....
I will be bringing you scenarios with Hansol, let's see what he has for us today.
He has asked you on a date. You are excited, so you get your hair, nails and toes done. You even go to get your make up done. You buy a new dress. Your ready. He comes to pick you up. He looks at you and say where are you going. I came here to watch the fight, my cable is out. You let him in and turn to go upstairs to change.

He comes back with several drinks. You tell him thank you. He asks for what. You say for getting me a drink. He states, no these are all mine. Can you help me take a drink. You left the drink to his mouth for him to sip.

You see him at fan meet. You call out his name. You think he will return youe calling. He looks around you, just to pose to have the camera take a picture of him. You hide among the other fans.

I hope you like these scenarios. Until next time stay Klassy!

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These are cute and funny scenarios 😆