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Hello everyone!!

Yes...I know I lied....It's Tuesday...Not Sunday... I'm sorry!! I don't know what's wrong with me!!! Dx

Why have I been posting late all the time recently....? *Sniffle*

Anyway!!!! Since I didn't post on Sunday, please enjoy a beautiful Jonghyun with flowers!!!! God, whoever he makes his wife or girlfriend will be very lucky when he brings her flowers~

*Gasps* Can I be your girlfriend, Jonghyun-ssi!!?!?!?! :D :D :D :D Please~ We don't have to tell the others~
Or Ten.... o.o

To be honest, I thought there was a ton of flower pictures of Jonghyun. But after I downloaded the sixth one.... I couldn't find anymore xD

Just some useless information for all of you~

Hmm.... I really should make us some mods/supporter pictures for the supports and I... :l Well, hopefully I do that before the quarter ends;;

Because procrastination equals ABStinence!!!

Wait a minute....That's not right!!!! I was trying to say something funny about liking abs but I think I said something about not seeing abs!!! DX Wait...that might work?? Wait...That didn't even rhyme!! I swear!! I write poems!!!!!

I'm sorry, I'll go now;;

See you guys on Sunday~

Or not :l I wouldn't want to see myself after this either if I was you guys;; Bleh :P

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You are so entertaining, I love reading your cards! Oh and he is cute, and whoever she is would be lucky!
Haha I'm glad you at least find me entertaining cx And right!?!? Whoever he ends up with is a lucky gal!!!!
He is just so...(sigh)
Described him perfectly~