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Hello everyone!!

Yes...Yes I know that it's not Sunday!! Now stop talking about it!!! xP

We have more important things to discuss~ Like, what my favorite flipping hair color is on my handsome baby, Gongchan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most might believe that I really love the blonde hair on him....Well you're right :l But others might think that it's the brown hair on him that I love!!!! ....Well....that's true as well.....

But there's one hair color that always make me weak at the knees!!!!!!!!!!!!


God....The things I would do to you boy if I ever find you....

Wait!!! I didn't mean it like that!!!!!!!!! Think, smut :D

Wait!!!!!!!!! Don't think that way either!!!! I swear! I am not a pervert!!!!! C;
(This gif perfectly explains why Gongchan should be my husband. We're basically the same person :P)

God.... He's so perfect!!!! If you aren't tired of hearing me say that then.... Continue looking at my cards that I post for B1A4!!! :D

Oh!!! And I came up with a new catchphrase because of this card ^-^ Now at the end of every card I will say~

See you all next Sunday~

(Then!!!!!!! Wait for it!!!!!!!!!)

~From your certified, professional pervert~

I swear, I have a degree C;

(Basically describes me in a nutshell C:)

🍬The SweetTargets🎯

(The B1A4 Mods)

🍌The BANAnas🍌

*The Dangerous Bitches*

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I will continue to wait for it, each Tuesday, I mean Sunday. 😂
7 months ago·Reply
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Why thank you! I aim to please. Lol
7 months ago
i llike black for him too.
7 months ago·Reply
Right!?! It's very pretty on him~😌
7 months ago
Omg yes teach me your certified, professional, perverted ways Senpai!! 😭😭😂😂😂
6 months ago·Reply
You've become my new favorite person after hearing you say you that xD
5 months ago