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obviously this is not my boyfriend LOL

Yep, basically my boyfriend is going to be missing for a while and I explain why and where.

Anyone else have friends or loved ones have to go MIA for a while? How did you deal?!


My brother is in the Navy and has been stationed in Japan for 3 years. He was supposed to come home next week, but with everything going on with N. Korea we don't know when he will be back. Hang in there, the time goes faster than you think it will!
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Thank you!
my sister is basically my BFF and we do EVERYTHING together...she went into the Marines 3 years ago and is stationed in Japan. at first it was hard, I didn't have anyone to share random stories with or to go out and eat with...eventually we got used to it...we write each other a lot and send packages back and forth...we mostly skype tho...but with her being gone made me go out and make more friends to hang out with haha so I guess it's a good thing it happened or else I'd be even more of a hermit XD you should write ur bf letters and send pics of ur day too! I think that would be cute :)
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you guys are almost there!! yes I have! my sister said it's beautiful there. she's been traveling all over and sending me pics! I'm so jealous haha but I am planning a trip to Japan in the near future :)
So jealous of your life in Korea! My hubby and I are trying to plan a trip to Japan and Korea this fall. What do you do for a living there?
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absolutely, I'll check them out.
My husband and I were in different states when we got married. He was finishing up his degree in Arizona and I had been stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas for a couple of years. We had a long distance dating relationship at that time and shortly after we married I was sent on a 1 year remote tour to Korea. This means he wasn't allowed to come with me. After I returned from Korea, we moved together to the DC area where I was stationed for three years. However, after only one year he moved to Virginia to start medical school. We were basically apart for another 2 years. Though we were closer when he was in medical school, his schedule and my work load limited us to getting together about once ever 3 months for a weekend. Since this was over 20 years ago, we did not have access to such things as Skype or good email service. Lonh distance calls yo Korea would break any budget as well. We dealt with letters and taped voice recordings. Though it was not easy, we mastered this thing called communication and have been happily married since 1992 (longer than many people here have been alive). It is possible for a long distance relationship to be successful - very successful. Separation will, however, either make a relationship stronger or break it. Communication is the key. Best of luck to you.
@TaraJenner wow I cant even imagine that! he was just able to call me the other day for ten minutes which was great, and he actually sat down and wrote me a letter im so shocked!!! my parents met in the 80s and started a long distance for about 3 years (my mom's from new jersey, my dad's from california) and they always joked that the plane tickets and phone calls were getting too expensive so they had to get married ;) thats so awesome to hear your relationship survived all that distance and time!
I know that I won't be able to relate as much as I want to, but family in Mexico often go MIA, so it's tough to deal with that. The best way to help yourself to to busy yourself with other things. It makes time go by much faster! Remember to not drown yourself either, because that might make it worse
yeah i've been trying to balance busy time with TV marathons haha so i have my alone time still which is helpful^^ thank you!
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