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as the day comes to an end, and finally got the time to make it, its That's My Adventure Tuesday! So what other than picking Pokémon

I love seeing all the characters go out and live their dream Catching Pokémon and living out our dream of wishing we could catch them. Now with Pokémon Go we can live out our dreams of catching our favorite Pokémon (only Gen 1 & 2). I just love seeing the different Pokémon that Ash can meet and make more friends with them, not only that when he travels he meets Pokémon trainers as well. I'm a very shy person, yet I love meeting new people so I got jelous right away when he could make friends quicker than I ever did. So Ash Katch'em lived out my dream of making friends :)

Now my dream is to catch all the Pokémon

Anime: Pokémon

So What Is Your "That My Adventure?!?"

Well thats all for tonight, I'm tired lol. Hope you all have a good night sleep and will see you tomorrow!

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