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Anime Giveaway: That's My Adventure Tuesday
Today Is 4th day of the anime giveaway! If you are still hanging in there then yoday's theme is That's My Adventure Tuesday. A day to think of all the world's and places you wish you could be apart of. How many times have us anime fans thought u o ourwelves, " I wish I could live there..." Well. now is your chance to tell us all abut it! XD

Without further ado, here are the places I wish I could live in and art of.

Anime: Soul Eater
Ability- Meister
Shrine & Heaven
Anime: Noragami
Ability- Goddess of ??? ..... Love? Night? Sunrise?
Payment- Flowers
Anime: No Game No life
Ability- Queen of Imaniti
SAO ( Original)
Anime: Sword Art Online
Ability- Sword master
Feudal Era
Anime: Inuyasha
Ability- Sword, human
Soul Society (Sereitei )
Anime: Bleach
Ability- Captain, Ex- Captain

There you go!
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