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@divalycious thank you!!! I'm glad to be back, I've missed everyone too!
@StephiiKins ... missed having you around ... now we know ... We are here for you!! Hwaiting!! xoxo
@dramacrazy things have gotten a lot better and I'm back to my old self again! I see many happier days in my future :-)! I'm not ready for another relationship, so no need to worry there. my friend in the army is a special person to my! I care for him like no one else will! I know he will heal and I know it will take a long time for the healing to have an affect on him. but hi also knows that I will be here if he wants to talk.
@StephiiKins, stay strong. As far as your break up, things happen for a reason, it wasn't meant to be, was not the one. give yourself time to heal and move on. Do not jump into another relationship right away. As for your army friend, my condolences to him. only the love and support of God, family and friends will get him heal over the loss of his sister. Gomawuhyo for being a friend. I and the Lord thank you. Remember that good deeds do not go unnoticed. Fighting unni (nae tal)!
@dramacrazy thank you ^_^ I went through a breakup and I have also been helping a friend that is in the army. he was staying with me for a while. then his younger sister died so I have been helping him deal with that. but I'm back and happy to be back!!!
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