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Ahhhh…..why make this so difficult…..TuT my poor head I can't decide from 3 animes Fairy Tail, Swords Art Online, Or Pokemon
Okay so…..ill make my dream with a combination of all three XD….okay so…(òwó) “link start!” (0.0;)” ehhh!...I mean…..(^w^) lets beginning with my dream world >w< I would live in Magnolia Town and I would be part of the Fairy Tail guild with a beautiful guild mark on my right arm like natsu's
(my guild mark would be like the pic that’s up there but the inside would be a blue flames like the bottom pic that I put there….hahaha sorry, my fav color is blue ^u^)
and I would have fire power similar to natsu’s and I'll have the ability to eat fire...and my best friend that would be traveling with me would be Pikachu
>u<…just thinking about it and all the fun adventures we'll have XD...but I have a feeling that I'll have a similar personally like kirito’s since I'm more like a loner but when we see a person in trouble we'll be will to help….okay so whenever I would like to relax in my world to play videogames you'll have to use the nerve gear (after it safe and u won't get stuck in that world like the whole SAO incident
(-_-;) okay….and since I'm a gamer I can't live with out it *giggles*) So when SAO the game is created I'll play it and if I ever met kirito in game hopefully we will became friends in/out irl XD and hopefully if he's will…maybe we can try to beat that SAO’s flying castle and reach the 100th floor that would be a cool in-game adventure >///<
but to tell u the truth ill probably spend more time travel in Fiore with Pikachu by myside having cool battle with other trainers, become friends with a charmader, cyndaquil, buizel, piplup, oshawott, and a froakie. Then making good memories with everyone else in the Fairy Tail guild and maybe pick a friendly fight with Natsu and Gray (*^*) (^///^)
maybe…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (o_<)
Well…..i hope u like hearing about my crazy adventure in my dream world *laughs a bit* thanks for reading and may u have a great day ^u^