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Que tal peeps!

Yall already know that I love the anime Inuyasha. This anime really defines my adolescent years and is the foundation/inspiration to all my anime fanfictions.

With that being said I would love to spend my adventure time in Japan feudal era or the world in which Inuyasha is from.


This place is so beautiful and can be calming when there are no issues.

I love natural skin care too so I would gathering some natural ingredients. Hell it beats waiting for that ish from Amazon. There would be so much to see and do there.

Partners in Crime

1. Sesshomaru

Duh! Yall know that's my hubby.

2. Inuyasha

Duh! That's my other boo. Besides you can't visit his world and not have him part of the crew!

3. Tomoe

Duh! He is hot too and he would bring drama to the table when interacting with Sesshomaru and Inuyasha.

4. Sango

She would be my bestie. She is strong, has a heart of gold, and don't take no ish like me. I would need a female friend who would be able to help me handle those ego addicted males!


Well I plan on enjoying the scenery. Inuyasha's world is so beautiful. I would love taking pictures cuz imma bring my technology with me lol.

Then we could catch some fish and have a Japanese meal. The guys could catch fish while Sango and I hang out to prepare the rest.

Then we could visit Sesshomaru's palace and run around there. Enjoy hot springs and gaze at the stars over a fire. I might bring along some yummy stuff to make smores!

If we need to stop bad guys along the way that would be cool. I know with Sango and those guys I would be safe. Besides if I had the powers I wanted discussed in yesterday's card we could be the new crew in town!

But I know I would end up pregnant so um yeah lol!!