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I'm really not one for TV shows, but something about this show reeled me in!

It's on Netflix, and there are 18 episodes so far! I watched the first 16 episodes in less than 24 hours~

Basically, in America we have a system that if the president, vp, and the rest of the government is in one room (like during the State of the Union) there is one person named the 'designated survivor' and will be named president in case of some kind of attack that leaves the rest of the government unable to serve.

In the first moments of this show, the Captiol is blown up in a terrorist attack and one man (a congressman) is named President. The rest of the show is an investigation of the terrorist group (who isnt who you'd think) as well as the reconstruction of the entire government!

If you liked House of Cards you'll LOVE this! Personally, I love this more than HoC :)

Anyone else watching this?

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yes... I dig this show. If you like this .. house of cards is good also
I'm addicted to house of cards!!! i already finished season 2!