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She didn't hear from him the next day. Only her dark god called her. He told her that when they got back to the dorm, he was there. Sitting as if nothing had happened. He wouldn't even talk to them, he kept to himself.

Another day had gone by and he still didn't call.

She paced her little apartment. Waiting. She could hear their music playing from somewhere outside. That song, that piano playing slowly, those three singing like angels.

Another day and another day had gone by too fast but yet each filled with dread and loneliness.

She often found herself walking along the streets not having a destination. Her little dark god would come visit. He would make tea and just sit with her, sometimes in silence.

Then on the fifth day, she crawled into bed and just laid there, staring at the ceiling. He came and sat at the edge of the bed.


“I didn't think it would be like this. I didn't think I would be like this.” She said, still staring at the ceiling, “This is too much. Before, when I felt like I was caged inside him like a prisoner, fed only scraps of his attention through his phone calls, at least I didn't feel alone. At least I felt like he was still there.”

He put a hand on her lower leg, rubbing it gently, “But I'm here noona, please don't feel that way. I know he thinks about you” He moved up the bed, leaning over her. He moved in slowly, keeping his eyes on her lips, his own parted slightly, she looked at him. He left his intentions behind the second their eyes locked and laid next to her. He put his arm over her.

“How do you know what he's thinking?”

“He told me to comfort you. That's how I know.”

He slipped his other arm under her head. And quietly started humming to her, softly whispering lyrics of the same song she heard the other day, the same song she and her baby god first kissed to. She wondered how could he know that it was her favorite song for that very reason.

“Noona” he said. she looked at him, his beautiful eyes blinking slowly, he licked his lips, his one hand slightly shaky, touched up her neck, “noona, let me comfort you.”

She grabbed his hand, “You do by just being here.”, she nudged her head against his, “Thank you.”

She was tempted again. She wanted to give in and be washed away by his kindness, by his need. Give in to what he wanted from her. But what about him, she asked herself, he hasn't forgotten you he just can't get to you right now.

Then she heard a whisper, like a sweet soft breeze in guise of her baby god's voice. She could feel his breath on her ear, his lips brushing against her earlobe, when she turned in that direction, she could see his body lying behind her. He whispered to her again, “hear only me, feel only me, see only me… close your eyes and he's me… I sent him to you.”

With her eyes closed, she reached up and felt for his lips, once she found them, she moved in. Her dark god’s arms fully embracing her. She let her mind believe he was her baby god and felt only him.

Noona DON'T DO IT!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! But if you must, do it well... lmaoooooook
oh shit don't do it. That's not how this works that's not how any of this works
But is the baby okay?
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I'm kinda not worried since I read... umm the other one. yeah, that's it. lol
I feel bad that I didn't mention the little 아기 😥 But the baby is fine... Because of that, I won't be posting 33, I'll just skip to 34, besides there's enough smut on Vingle, LOL 😂
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@FromBlue2U Are you sure? Are you really sure? I mean you may not like it, morally that is