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PLEASE DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET.. BUT IF YOU LOVE SPOILERS LIKE ME THEN DO SO... lol... once again, i was and am captivated by ha ji won's character in empress ki.. her performance is just awesome.. her moves, her acting and although she pretends to be a man, she sure is beautiful. the opening scene was very strong and really heartbreaking, 1. when joo jin mo and ji chang wook talked about loving ha ji won.. it got me crying too 2. when during the wedding of ji chang wook and ha ji won, joo jin mo had eye contact with her and you can see how heartbroken the two are.. all three actors are just so awesome.. 1. seun nyang as the girl who pretended to be a man, also known as the jackal and who will become empress ki of yuan dynasty. 2. wang yu as the goryeo king who will later love seun nyang/ empress ki 3. ta hwan as the prince who will later be known as emperor huizong of the yuan dynasty.. there are only 4 eps now and i am really excited for the coming eps.. there will be 50 episodes and i am sure as hell that i will be there, episode by episode.. are you watching this @evelynmendoza, @masridaniela, @christy, @nonabisi?
:).. anytime chinggu... ^^
@nylamrehs wonderful super thanks for ur recommend chingu
hahahh @christy... the opening scene was such a daebak scene right? this drama is really awesome!!^^
@nylamrehs oh great I have already started watch ep 1 now I am a big fan of ha ji won
@christy.. this is really good and will keep you on your toes... i've watched the 3rd and 4th episode even if it is still raw and i loved it... hopefully there will be subbed tomorrow... reply 1994 is also good.. i've watched the latest ep. too... enjoy...^^
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