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Hey Otakus!

It is Day 5 of the Anime Giveaway!

And Today is Waifu Wednesday : Kick-Ass Edition!

(*Spoilers Ahead For Those Who Have Not Seen Fate/Stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works*)

My Waifu this week is the Kick Ass (Now an Ishtar *wink wink* ) The Strong & Beautiful Rin Tohsaka❤ Rin all her life has been preparing for the Holy Grail (After Her Father had participated in it years before) And as the only one left to defend her Family's Name does her best to Summon the best Servant there is in the Grail called Sabor. When she summons her Servant she calls upon an Archer instead xD Even though she is the Master she doesn't completely depend on her Servant she has some awesome tricks up her sleeve and even has impressive Battle Strategies. She is one kick ass Master and im really happy to see her as an Ishtar now❤ And that is why this Kick ass Girl is My Waifu❤

Anime : Stay/Fate Night : Unlimited Blade Works❤

Who is Your Kick Ass Waifu?!

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For my kick ass waifu It's a tie between Erza Scarlet and Medaka Kurokami I genuinely can't choose in this case Erza because this well I mean she has such a welcoming and grounded personality (unless I'd comes to strawberry cake) and she knows how to have fun plus she's stupid strong I mean all 5 of her senses were blocked off and she still kicked the chicks ass (can't think of the name) plus she's usually the first one willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for her loved ones and I admire that. For Medaka many of the same reasons but theres also this. Innocence about her that adds to her character she believes that her soul reason for living is helping others and does whatever she can to help them even if they are once her enemy she still says hey if u need a hand just ask it's ridiculous how forgiving she can be and u like it @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 @AmazingAshley (Seriously I hope I'm doing this right)