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Now, I know that the day calls for just one song, but literally all of their songs deserve a music video. So, instead I chose my top 5 songs I feel really deserve a music video.

No Exit

Now, I know this one has a dance practice for it, but it didn't receive a music video and this is honestly probably my favorite song of theirs. Yes, I love Stuck, but No Exit is such a great song!
I don't believe I had really listened to this song until after I purchased the Trespass Mini Album, and I fell in instant love with the song and everything that it was. It is a really great song and I just love this song!

Be Quiet

Now, Be Quiet is on of those super catchy songs that I just really loved when I first heard the song. Also, @monbebearmybbc and I really like just whispter "be quiet" to each other and start making noises that sound like the music... We're strange

Calm Down

Originally I was going to choose OI for right here and then I remembered how much I really like Calm Down so I replaced OI... Oops. This is a really fantastic song though and just the vocals are wonderful. I wish I was using my phone to make this card because emoji's are needed.


I'll be your king and baby you'll be my queen! *Fight me* This is my favorite line out of the entire song and lord. Changkyun please be my king!!!! Be my hero while you're at it. Ok... I'll stop. I just really love this song! Really love this song!!! (honestly I just really love this entire mini album. I love all of Monsta X. I love everything aboit them.)

Ready or Not

This is the first song on the album, so if you purchased the cd, this is the first song that you hear. It is a really great song and they even have a performance to go with some of the song. Just a really great song!
You really get to appreciate everyone's vocals in this song as well. Especially Hyungwon's and Minhyuk's, which are great btw. I literally have seven biases at this point.