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Today for Waifu Wednesday, I chose Shura from Blue Exorcist! Overlooking her obvious skin reveal, if there was a list for bad-ass female anime characters, guarantee she would be on the list. At least in the top 20. Shura is a top class exorcist and just has this laid-back, bad-ass personality. Especially when there's a katana involved!

If you haven't noticed, Shura has a tattoo going down from her chest to her torso. She uses this to store her katana.

She can pull her katana out whenever she feels necessary. I thought that was pretty cool! I never really understood this while watching the anime, but she bites her thumb to allow blood to rush out. She then wipes her blood all the way down her blade. I think its something involving exorcisms(?) Either way its pretty dope. ;-;
Shura is in charge of our main character, Rin, in the series. (Which is currently on its second season.) And she does a hell of a job doing so too. XD Since Rin doesn't have full control over his Satan powers, he could go berserk at any moment in time. Well, if he gets to mad that is. So its Shura's job to keep him in line! Even if it has to resort to violence. ಠ_ಠ
Oh yeah, did I mention that she's a drunk? XD

This is what I picked for Waifu Wednesday! Thank you @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 and @AmazingAshley !!! And good luck to the others who are participating!