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Im just done...
wishing my life could be so much better than it already is, im so broken that i dont even know how i feel anymore, im so done with life im honestly already dead, im done with a life like this, why cant i have a life better than this? why am i the only one at fault im honestly done, to me you were my best friend you were my sister you meant to much to me, you were someone i could always talk to, but now it feels like we are just strangers who just met each other, ill leave so you wont get hurt anymore..... sorry im just saying things that are on my mind and there has been so many things that happened that i started cutting and taking pills again i hate how my life is such a mess and now im losing someone i just cant i want to rant but im afraid to i wanna shout but im afraid to idk what to do anymore im so lost im so lost idk what im doing and where i am anymore...anyways sorry for the bad drawing lol tagging the fam~ @twistedPuppy @VatcheeAfandi99 @Sammie9952 @B1A4BTS5ever @resavalencia @moose1998 @vipgirl5 @locoforjiyoung @xxchicharitoxx @AubrielPope @LemonLassie @SuperJuniorelf @kennaxx @KAddict @amberg1711997 @awkwardlove23 @NicoleFireRose @salo @janessaakemi @LisetteZapata @mrsjeon @swarrier16 @JuanitaBooRiv @xoxorittie @LunaCordero @merryjayne13 @alyssadonell @TerraToyaSi @MariRi @CallMeMsDragon @Isolate @amandamuska @AmberRelynn @TheEnlightmen @EmilyPeacock @RebeccaLondon @kisashimizu16 @Tamaki1618 @SkyBlast @StephaniePoore @OhltsJas @tiffany1992 @Polarstarr @firstladyfamog @minimanim3 @AnnieGodman @Winx9119 @KhrystinaLee @Raz4L @KarenGuerra93 @lizbethruiz617 @Gaarita100 @Chace @Kimnam94 @FaithMarrison @JuliaVIP @Kpossible4250 @NellybugJohnson @MelissaGarza @BangtansWife95 @amberg171997 @strawberrylover @EmilyGardner @Parktaemi @romsalina @KwonOfAKind @micahirene @KaeliShearer @ChandraTorres @ManiGray @kpoplover492 @hayoungforever @vlargo @otakukpoper @mariadelzam @CristinReynolds @Exoexo @leviniax @HyunnieKim @adorably @Zoelove @3SecoundsOfHope @BrandyJones @MaelStormVIP @NikkoNole @VIPFreak2NE1 @cagonzales9696 @ShifaKulsoom @Abigailh758 @xMangaLover @HeichousRegalia @IsisMayaVelasco @GreciaFlores @FromBlue2U @RandomName @dianalakoreana @RandomName @Princess2425 @RKA916 @MichelleRosa @IDK2018 @SweetDuella @KPandaLover @loljan17 @BridgetJara @Kitty17 @ShinoYuki @Hongbinhyung @LemonLassie @AliceChess @Izzy987 @yaya12 @BiasKpop @Kenzielogical11 @Baekyeol27 @dreemer13 @QueenPandaBunny @KhouYang @BTSxEXO @Princess2425 @AngelaDarkness @LunaFergus @InfinitySky @tiffany1922 @Kyokeo @Momina427 @imiebegay14 @AshleiRyals @SindyHernandez @ImHayley @jjrockstar @OppasManBun @Tae4everyoung @EvodiaEbraheem @AraceliJimenez @YessicaCardenas @SugaKookieV @MaelstromVIP @LunaCordero @ESwee ( please tell me if you want to be untagged i will gladly untag you so please just be polite and ask i would do it if you want to be tagged in my cards tell me and i would be glad to add you on my cards thank you)
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I hope you don't harm yourself even more. If you need to talk, I'm here
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3 months ago
I'm always here for you if you ever need to talk. It breaks my heart that your feeling this way 😢 I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better
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You're welcome 😊
3 months ago
I'm sorry I'm a little late but honestly I kind of understand how you feel and it's hurting me that it's hurting you, and that you're hurting yourself because of it, and that you're afraid to do what you need to do, so when you need someone, I'll gladly be available and help with whatever I can do. Please don't be so hard on yourself, you have people that care for your wellbeing💖
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