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Monsta X Songs that Deserve a Music Video
Hey guys! It's day 4 of this week's event. The theme is which song(s) deserve an mv. Let's get to it~


This, in my opinion, is one of the top songs on the album and it sounds amazing. I love listening to this song. Plus, this was one of the only songs @Changkyunie didn't already use.

Be Quiet

I know @Changkyunie already listed this song, but I wanted to say it too. I absolutely love this song and it's so super good. The mv and dance to this would be amazing.
Look at these dorks. They clearly enjoy this song. They would have fun with an mv.

Thanks guys!

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Wow you did more than signal me out... I am offended 😂 jk! All of the songs need love!
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I really love calm down
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