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What anime should I watch next?
I like pretty much all genres, although I'm not too fond of yaoi, yuri, or hentai. I just want a really good anime, I don't care how long it is. Of course, I don't think anything can top Hunter x Hunter, but hit me with your best shot!
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I've been watching armed girl's machiavellism and its pretty good a lot of comedy mixed in with some action its also new so there is only 6 episodes out right now
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I just finished Yona of the Dawn, it was really good
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d gray man, the betrayal knows my name, servamp, school live, bungou stray dogs, rokka no yuusha, guilty, crown, haikyuu, hamatora series, another, assassination classroom, charlotte, aoharuxkikanjuu, death parade, god eater, kareval, kyoukai no kanata, owari no seraph, future diary, pandora hearts, prince of stride alternative, tokyo ghoul, tokyo ravens. I can suggest plenty more too.
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jojos bizzare adventure, Erased, mob psycho, hellsing,Sengoku basara, drifters,
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Samurai champloo, and I know this isn't an anime but avatar the last airbender is really great, iron blooded orphans you should also watch studio ghibli movies, and the seven deadly sins, as well as parasyte-the maxim
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