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find the rest of the story here "Are you feeling better?" You nodded at Baekhyun as he got your things out of his car and walking you into your apartment. "Remember to take your pills every morning and then the sleeping pills at night okay?" You nodded as he sighed heavily dropping your bags inside,"Y/N this is serious. You need to get better. I want my little sister back." You looked down,"I am taking this seriously. You think I want to feel like this forever?" Baekhyun shook his head,"No.Y/N I'm sorry it's not what I meant. I just--" You scoffed,"What your worried that the media will find out that you have a mentally ill sister?" "No Y/N you know that's no--" "Bye Baekhyun. Just go to your next schedule thank you for dropping me off." He scoffed as he waved goodbye and left your apartment. You looked at the pills sitting on the counter. "They give you these pills like its supposed to help." You grabbed the pills as you threw it in the trash can. You dragged yourself to your bed burying your face on the mountain of pillows. You wished it was so easy to go back to your old self. But there were too many things running through your head. Too many things that you wish would go away. You wanted to accept Yoongi again. But all the what ifs. What if he cheated again? What if he gets sick of you again? You were being cautious. Just to be safe. Just incase. ------------- You woke up to loud thumping on the door. You groggily walked to the door looking up at the clock,"Who the heck?" You opened the door to find Yoongi. "Yoongi? What the heck its 3 in the morning." He looked up at you lazily. You noticed his gaze was different from usual. You realized that he was drunk. His cheeks were flushed. Red spreading from his left cheek to his right. You looked around making sure there were no paparazzis before pulling him into your apartment. "Y/N...I missed you." You grunted as you laid him on your couch. "God for someone so small your heavy." He laughed as he grabbed your hands,"Why are you ignoring me?" You took your hand back as you walked to the kitchen grabbing a clean cloth and bowl,filling the bowl with cold water. You dipped the cloth in the water wringing out any excess water and started dabbing the cloth over his cheeks. "This should cool you off." He sat up as he grabbed your hands looking into your eyes,"Why are you ignoring me Y/N?" You smiled pushing him back down,"We'll talk in the morning when your sober okay? For now just sleep." "Sleep..." You nodded as you watch him slowly closing his eyes falling asleep on the couch. You looked at his sleeping figure placing a blanket over him. "Y/N." He grunted as he shuffled in his sleep. "We'll talk in the morning..." You whispered walking back into you room. ------------- You watched as Yoongi shuffled out of the couch from the kitchen. You looked down at the hangover soup tasting before placing a bowl infront of Yoongi who was lightly hitting his head. You scoffed,"Here eat this." He looked up at you,"Look I'm sorry if I bothered you. But I know you don't want to tal--" "No let's talk. So we know where we go from here." He cleared his throat as he sat up taking a sip of the red tainted soup,"Okay. Then why'd you start ignoring me?" You looked down at your feet,"Yoongi come on. You saw the articles and the comments. People don't agree with you dating. You finally got big. You finally get to live out your dream. I don't want to be the one to take that away." He scoffed,"Would you believe me if I told you you are my new dream?" You shook your head laughing,"You're not the type who says these things. But I know how much music means to you Yoongi." There was a silence. You watched as a look of frustration spread across his face,"I love you Y/N. I never stopped." "And I love you Yoongi. I forgot all about these feelings when I was with Chanyeol but you have a special place in my heart. But I don't want you to leave behind your first love." He let out a groan out frustration as he threw his hands to his face. "I'm not giving up my music or you." He held your hand,"Let's make it work Y/N." You pulled your hands away,"Yoongi I already decided. I'm not jumping into a relationship again. I'm sorry." He nodded slowly as he looked at you with adoring eyes,"Okay then." ------------- You watched as everybody got up for their lunch break,"Y/N your not coming?" You shook your head at woman dressed in a white and light pink outfit who waved goodbye at her friends as she stopped to talk to you,"I'm not hungry. I have to finish this anyways you guys go ahead." She smiled and pouted as she waved goodbye. In a little less than a minute all the girls started gasping,"Oh I wonder who that's for." You looked up curious to what can be causing all the commotion. You saw a man with flowers rolling your eyes. Romance like this doesn't last for long you thought. You shook your head to look back down at your work when from right above a deep voice asked,"Are you Ms. Byun Y/N?" You looked up confused,"Huh? Uh. Yeah." He then placed the bouquet of pink camellias infront of you,"Uhm thank you." You awkwardly bowed as you signed for the flowers. Once the delivery man left the woman in white once again ran up to you,"Oh Y/N! The rumour about you and BTS Suga must be true!" You shook your head,"No. I don't even know who these are from," She peeked through the flowers,"There's a card right there!" "Oh you're right." You then opened the letter. I'll do what it takes to make you mine again. -M. YG You smiled at the letter. "Who's it from?" "My first love." She gave a confused look as she laughed,"That's cute well I'm going to lunch just follow if you're ready okay?" You nodded as you adjusted the position of the camellias on your table. 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Awww!!😭😭I can't with Yoongi!😭😭🤧❤️He so frickin caring and adorable
sorry about the late update i have been on break and couldn't write much because there was no wifi 😭