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I just had a giant iced coffee, and feel like I wont be sleeping for a week, SO why not write a card about it!? Here are 3 songs about love and coffee and coffee and love :)

1. Seo In Guk can't sleep, but is it because of the caffiene? or his crush?

2. Seo In Guk isn't the only one, seems like Yoseob's love life is like a cup of coffee too!

3. This isn't the original, but BTS' cover of "Coffee" is one of my favorite coffee love songs. Suga can call me his 'caramel machiatto' any time ;)

And for you tea lovers out there, here's one for you:

Hello Venus ask their BF to come inside and ~drink tea~

I'm sure there are more songs! Let me know what I missed^^~

I know there's some Big Bang song where Top raps "Iced coffee espresso double shot" but I forgot which song LOL And in Star by Jay Park, he kisses/licks the coffee foam off of the girls mouth :P
Cover??? Coffee isn't originally their song???