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So I just wrote a card and used the MV for a Hello Venus song, and YouTube auto-played the next one. I clicked the tab to close it and I saw some familiar (though much younger) faces!!!

Recognize these goobers?!

They're meant to be gangsters and I cant even :')

You can watch the video here:

scoups was the bully in face by nuest. there was some others in that one and i think action
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they really are xD
omg this was my jam back in the day!!! cant believe i ended up stanning cameos😁😁😁
Why waste money on actors when you can use trainees? :P
I watched the mv a while ago and caught it. It's hosi, wonwoo, mingyu, and woozi right? I was a little confused on the second from the last pic.
This song is so cute. wow, lol I was looking for Woozi in the video the whole time thing that he and the other members would act out some scene of being bad boys from some random kdrama; listening to the song, the girls would be like "break it up, this is our video, so this is how it's going to go" and they do their routine and the guys follow their lead...idk