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what are you embarrassed Inseong? lolz cutie

Welcome back to Inseong day!!
Today I would like to thank the wonderful camera workers of music shows
they know what's good
it's a deadly line of work
they dont know if their hearts will survive
yet they sacrifice themselves for us fans
i forgot where i was going with this...
yup... darn you Inseong...
yup, dead.
don't get cocky Inseong... lol
see you guys next week
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I wasn't sure who my KNK bias is but I hear you Inseong 😍
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I swear Inseong keeps trying to take YouJin's bias spot. It's not gonna happen but you can keep attacking me all you want πŸ˜‚
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Damn you bias wrecker Inseong!! 😭😫
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