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Anime: Swords Art Online
Character: Asuna Yuuki
aka " Lightning Flash, Titania, Berserk Healer"
i mean do i need to explain she's pretty badass in SAO >u< ahhhh....fangirling over here......*laughs a little*
this is her gear when she start off her adventure but then....
don't u dare make her angry because she become and awesome swords women one of the best in SAO and also well know with a legendary guild called "The Knights of Blood Oath." (^.^)
She's strong in-game and out-of-game but at the same time she is one of the kindness people u'll meet ^u^ so in a way i think she's epic
Anime: Fairy Tail
Character: Lucy Heartfillia
The lovey Lucy Heartfillia, she is also another kick-ass character and she is one of my favorite female character that i really cherish >_< i love her magic! She also epic in her own way ^///^ but she also kind and a very loveable character. Love u Lucy ^w^

Well, Thanks for reading and i hope u have a wonderful day!