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Que tal peeps!

This is a well needed edition. In anime we tend to praise the male characters and are in awe of their power. However, usually in any anime where there is a powerful male character he has a powerful or a group of powerful women in his corner.


1. Kikyo from Inuyasha

She is a priestess who was killed by Naraku in the form of Inuyasha. She was stolen the oppprtunity to experience life and live as a normal woman. She placed the lives of others before her own desires due to her position. She was robbed her chance to be with Inuyasha and grow old.

She was also very powerful. She had to be since she was the keeper of the Shikon Jewel. She was also awesome at using the bow.

People may call her cruel. However, how would you feel if you were robbed the opportunity to freely live and come back to life still not being able to fully libe how you want? Plus you see ya man wondering with some other trick!
She was the first woman that was not Inuyasha's mother to show him love. She was so powerful that a witch brought her back from the dead hoping to steal her powers.

2. Sango from Inuyasha

Sango is the last of demon killers from her village. Her village was slaughtered. She is a tough girl. She can hold her own and she is very skilled.
She loves her brother very much! She does so much to save him even though he is a puppet of Naraku due to a piece of the shikon jewel being in his back. With her patience and her love he slowly remembers who he is.

She is Miroku's love. He is very persistent, however she was not quick to give in.
As I said she is a skilled warrior and Inuyasha needed her as a companion. She grew to like him and be a good friend. She was a normal girl but a beast on the battle field!

3. Erza from Fairytail

Erza is the ultimate bad ass female. In the anime everyone depends on her. She has a heart if gold and will do anything for thise that she loves.
Just when you think she had enough and is done that is when she is her strongest! I was blow away by her in this anime.
Just like the other females I've mentioned she proves what is like being a woman. Even in modern times we are expected to be strong and yet gentle at the same time. We are expected to balance being a warrior and yet a normal woman.