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WARNING! THE FEELS WILL HIT YOU HARD!! While I haven't seen very many scary animes, I have seen a ton of creepy, messed up characters. This man ruined three lives for his own personal gain. And who where these three lives? His family. His wife, his daughter, and their dog. Did you guess who I'm talking about?
Shou Tucker // Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Shou Tucker is a state alchemist, the Sewing Life alchemist which already sounds pretty creepy. He presents himself as a simple, single father who is swamped with work. Ed and Al immediately take a liking to Nina and Alexander. Shou then tells everyone he can't go and play because he must find a way to pass his State Alchemist assessment. So what does he do? He creates this.
He transmuted his own daughter and dog to create another chimera capable of human speech. And to Ed and Al's horror, they found out that Shou did the same thing with his wife which explains why his wife "left". Shou doesn't have any guilt or regrets, just happiness because he claims he'll pass the assessment for sure. Shou Tucker easily is one of the creepiest characters to me.
RIP Nina and Alexander ❤️

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oh in the feels on that one. in. the. feels!
I remember seeing someone doing a cosplay of both Shou and the Chimera. I literally cried 😭😭