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Hello everyone! So @Helixx made a card similar to this and I thought it looked like a lot of fun so, I decided to make one as well!

I am going to share a ton of songs currently in my head and songs I just can't stop listening to! These are in no particular order.

The first song I have been listening to daily is  I Deserve It by San E featuring illinit, Jessi, and i11evn.
This song is one I recently gotten into like 3 weeks ago or so. San E is a great artist and I really like his stuff, I first got into his stuff when I heard him in Ravi's Bomb. The beat is really great and the combo of artists on this track is so cool and they sound amazing all in one song.
The entire album "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is really good and I find myself going to that album constantly and listening to this song at least once every day.

The second song is Russian Roulette by Red Velvet
Now I am a huge Red Velvet fan, I love them so much and this song has got to be one of my favorite title tracks they have put out. The music video is visually pleasing and the song is just constantly stuck in my head. Red Velvet started out as one of my guilty pleasures and now they are one of my absolute favorite groups. If I could buy a Red Velvet album, I would lol. Definitely check out Red Velvet if you haven't already!

The third song is T.T by Twice
T.T has been one of my favorite songs since it came out and I am always listening to it and making like... everyone in my family listen to it. Twice is also one of guilty pleasures turned favorites, I find myself dancing to this song constantly and singing it ALL DAY. I love all of their albums and I would definitely reccommend checking these talented girls out.

The fourth song is Beautiful by Monsta X
Monsta X is one of my absolute favorite groups and this video IS SO GORGEOUS AND PERFECT I.M AND SHOWNU NEED TO STOP SOMETIMES OMG. But this song is so amazing and I just love it so much. I watch almost every performance of it and just yes. Perfect. Go check it out if you haven't already. Stan Monsta X guys. It's good for your health.

The fifth song is Pray (I'll Be Your Man) by BTOB
I used to be a HUGE BTOB fan but I kind of drifted away from these lovely boys for awhile. This song definitely brought me back and reminded me of how talented and incredible they were and I am back and in love with a different member lol. I challenge you to listen to this song often and not lip sync or sing along with great passion because I can't sing this without putting an incredible amount of passion into it. I may tear up from time to time. I also owe a lot of my love for BTOB to dearest @Helixx and @LemonLassie because they adore these boys and encouraged my love to return.

The sixth and final song I will put on this list is the one and only Fantasy by VIXX
This song... Such an incredible and unique sound and I just love it so so much.
VIXX obviously is my bias group and if you don't know that by now... You don't know me lol. I was so proud of them for this track, the whole album is INCREDIBLE and I reccommend checking out their entire album. These guys never fail to amaze me with their talent and I am SO EXCITED FOR THEIR COMEBACK OMG.

I hope you all enjoyed this list, there are tons more and I may make a few cards about some of the other songs and some of my playlists if you are interested in that. I hope you check out these tracks, they are all incredible and I hope you enjoy!
all of those are great songs!!!
great songs! songs I can't enough of right now are Make it Rain by Bastarz Give it to Me by Agust D Tony Montana by August D Ain't no Party like an AOMG Party by Jay Park & Ugly Duck I'm Not Sorry by Dean and Eric Bellinger Recipe by Luizy and Flowsik Let it Go by MFBTY and Junhyung Joa by Gary ft Jay Park