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Hey Otakus!

It is Day 5 of the Anime Giveaway!

And Today is Truly Horrifying Thursday!

Now when it come to someone truly horrifying to me I would have to say the First Creepy Anime Character I ever saw has one this title xD. Ryuk is ine scary looking mother f***** xD As much as I love his personality.. After watching Death Note there was not one second where I wasn't terrified out of my mind waking up and seeing Ryuk just floating in my room... Be honest xD if you saw him in your room what would you do?! So Ryuk has one the title (in my opinion) of being a Truly Horrifying Character. And I voted him just by his appearance. His job is a much more terrifying task.. Well... he is a reaper after all.

Anime : Death Note❀

Who do you find Horrifying?!

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Jason and that purple haired guy. Too creepy to remember his name. (Tokyo Ghoul)
Ryuk is everything