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These are random pictures I collected and forget that I have in my phone.
gif of Kris. Wu

Oh Sehun posts a photo of a wine bottle and everyone goes crazy reposting it

Screen shot of Chen being mean to me just because I haven't paid any attention to him for a couple days

screen shot of seungri wearing a headdress... which I approve of, he looks hot in it

These two are the cutest

My husband. I was 17, he was 26...ahhh it was love at first sight

Flowers I took with my Canon, when I first got it

자기야 ... when he was going to Las Vegas
A sin waiting to happen

Of you play EXORUN, then you know about these little guys. I love the D.O. one, so cute

If your a true fan of Sehun, then you know what this

A true movie buff will know who this is
The day after EXO'rDIUM, we went up to Hollywood. The Scientologists almost got us but Satan came along and saved us, lol... they brought condoms too
LOL that's it... There's more but I gotta go.