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With Chen's scream everyone started to get up from their bad and get out of their rooms. D.O grabbed his glasses of the table next to his bed, ruffled his hair then started to head out of the room to check the commotion outside. He turned around with a confused looked in his face and looked Chanyeol. He had seen the tall boy do many weird things in the years they had to work together, but "why is he staring at me now" he though as Chanyeol stood there with his both his mouth and eyes wide open.

"What is wrong, Chanyeol?" D.O asked already regretting starting a conversation with the happiest person in the world this early in the morning.

"I...," Chanyeol wishper then looked down.

D.O was going to ask again what was wrong, but then they hear Xiumin yelling "GUYS COME HERE!!! COME LOOK AT CHEN!"

"Oh God, what did Y/N do to Chen's body?" asked D.O as he headed out. Kai hopped out from the top bunk and walked staggering towards the door. You also get yourself together and start to head out also, "what if Chanyeol is inside of Chen now? Or what if Chen is back?" you rush pass the members that were doing the zombie walk and ran inside the room were you had falled asleeped in last night. There you see Chen and Xiumin hugging and jumping around the room like teenage girls.

"Guys I am back to normal!" screamed Chen and ran to Suho to give him a hug. "I was just about to call you guys to pick me up from the airport too. I have never been so happy to see you guys before!" He turns around to see you and runs toward you and hugs you. "Thank You Chanyeol!!! I was so worry about what to do, but you handle everything so smoothly and even have me step by step to follow!" He looked at you with the biggest smile ever, it almost seemed liked his smile was stretched out from ear to ear. You had to say something now, you cannot let this ride like you did last time. Last time you looked bad just letting things happen and fall inplace.

Here goes nothing, you took a deep breath... "GUYS I AM NOT CHANYEOL!" you screamed and cover your face with your now huge hands.

The whole room got quite, you could here their hearts beating, this was going to be so horrible. "Please, do not get mad at me guys, I swear i did not do anything to cause this that i know of. I feel horrible, please lets find the real Chanyeol and my body so we can get things settle down." you said behind your hands. You felt someone grab your hands aways from your face and you looked up to see who this person was. Staring back at you was Kai he looked at you hard his eyes squiting eyes.

"Kai, what are you doing?" asked Suho as he moved him away "You need to put on your glasses before you try to see into someone's soul."

Kai backed away and just have you a sad puppy looked and headed for the bathroom,"i am guessing to put on his glasses" you think.

"So you are telling me that inside of here," Baekhyun said as he stabbed you in the chest "Is Y/N?"

You put your hand were Baekhyun had stab you, it was not a hard stab, but it was weird this is were your breast would be if you were in your normal body and it was just awkward for someone specially a boy to grab you like that. He saw the way you grab your chest and he backed away feeling like he had violated some invisible line. Even though he would normaly be walking around here naked by now it was just weird to even think so when there is technoly a girl here.

"Yes, I am Y/N, I am sorry, but I swear i have no control over this. Please we have to contact Chanyeol he must be feeling super weird" You said and everyone nodded and started to get ready to head for the airport.

" I can tell you guys were i was supposed to be," Chen said as he grab his black hat, and face mask. " Last time i checked i was supposed to be landing around 9:30 AM, and it's already 9:00."

The guys started to get their stuff, but Suho stopped them half way done and said "Guys we do not have the manager or driver so no van. That means we have to drive it is best if we do not all go. I say Chanyeol, i mean Y/N, goes Chen, and me." The other members looked a little sad specially Baekhyun as they sat down.

"We need someone to drive that is why I am going and because I am the learder and Chen and Y/N so they can help find Chanyeol or Y/N.. whatever you know what i mean!" Suho said and grabbed his keys.

You looked down at yourself Chanyeol must of fallen asleep awaiting a text from Chen because he was wearing the same thing as yesterday. You grab the biggest pair of shoes you could find and headed for the door with Suho and Chen next to you. As you got into Suho's car you sat in the back and Chen rode in the sit next to Suho. There was a very awkward silence then Chen asked you " So Y/N, I heard you went to the bathroom?"

Oh lord out of the things to ask why that! "I... I did go , I am so sorry Chen i just really needed to go i tried to hold it in but i could not hold it any longer."

Suho and Chen both crack up laughing at how fast you were trying to explain yourself.

i am so sorry this is so short this will be part 1 of 2 of chapter 6 i have class in like 10 minutes and i takes a minute to upload and log out so this is all i can give you for now. by tomorrow i will have the rest of chapter 6 out engoy for now.
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