3 months ago
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Laaaaaaaaars! πŸ’”
Are you kidding me?!?!
C'mon, man!! You were soooooo close to making it canon! Who else really REALLY wanted Lars to finish that sentence with the name we all know he was thinking, "Sadie"?

It's definitely Sadie! Omg, Lars irritates me more than Ronaldo!😝😠 Dang it Lars!!!!
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He has to go thru some extreme character development to do before I even start to like him.
3 months ago
So close but at least we know this ship has sails!!!!
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What if it turns out Lars is gay
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@MalcolmAllen I kinda wanna draw that now...
3 months ago
i am so mad at him right now
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Lars dammit just say it. Better yet do it; ask her out, tell her you love her. Don't be an idiot.
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