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People have been acting weird around you all day. You self consciously look in the restroom mirror; nothing in your teeth, no ink on your face, and your dress isn’t stuck in your underwear. So what is the big deal? Do they know something you don’t? Oh crap, are you getting fired?
“Stop it. Stop!” you yell at yourself in the mirror and then quickly look under the stall doors to make sure you’re alone. This isn’t going to work, you need help.
“Speak,” Jak answers after the third ring.
“I’m going crazy, I don’t know what’s going on and it’s making me paranoid!”
“Woah. Okay, in short sentences, what’s happening?”
“I don’t know,” you whimper. “Everyone is acting super weird, watching me everywhere I go. I’ve checked my teeth, my dress, my hair, now I’m just worried I’m going to be fired.”
“Did you do something to get yourself fired?”
“No….. but”
“No buts, although I must say our men do have really nice ones.” You roll your eyes, this is exactly what you needed, Jak and her strange logic. “Alright, think back, did you miss a meeting? Turn anything in late? Lose a project? Tell everyone you're on your cycle?"
“No, no, no and WHY would I do that?”
“I don’t know, you’re the paranoid one not me, if you don’t want my help….”
“Fine. Sorry. It’s just weird, I hate feeling like I have a bullseye on me and that people are staring..”
“Maybe you do, maybe they are….” Jak whispers creepily.
“Not helping!”
Jak just laughs, “Oh my heck, CHILL. Go back to your desk, get your work done before you do get fired and call me back in a couple of hours if you still feel this way. ‘Ight?” She waits a minute, “[YN] – BREATHE”
“Alright, alright, I’m going. Talk to you later.”
As you the journey back to your desk you know it isn’t your imagination as you catch and stare right back at a handful of people. When you reach your office you shut your door and lean against it, trying to calm down. You open your eyes to a large bouquet of roses in the middle of your desk. You walk forward looking for a card and to get a sniff of them when you catch something move from the corner of your eye. You jump and scream, turn and see five extremely hot men in suits staring at you.
“Shit guys, you scared me to death!” You close your eyes with your hand over your heart.
Kyungil holds up his hand and in perfect harmony they start to sing….Happy Birthday.

Your eyes get big and just a little bit misty but not for long as they guys start hamming the song up in their own way. You can't help but laugh at their antics until you notice Kyungil. He walks straight towards you with a mischevious smile on his face. About a foot in front of you he stops, his demeanor changes and all hell breaks loose. He slaps himself, does a few hip thrusts, then pounds his chest and gives a Tarzan yell.
What in.....You can't believe he just did that in your office. What are you co-workers going to think? Wait, are they in on this? You look towards the door and see it cracked open just a little; multiple pairs of eyes are trying to stare in and giggles abound. This is why they’ve been watching you all day, they were indeed waiting for something.
Gil holds his arms out, his fingers wiggling for you to come to him. You hold a finger up and dial your phone.
“I said in a couple of hours, you can’t STILL be paranoid,” Jak says without even a hello.
“You are SO busted.”
You can hear the smirk in her voice, “What? It’s not like I told a stalker when your birthday was, he IS your boyfriend. Now go and enjoy.” And she promptly hangs up.
You hang up your phone, place it on your desk behind you and walk into Kyungil’s outstretched, still waiting arms. He gives you a loud, sound kiss, accompanied by a chorus of wolf whistles from the guys.
“Why didn’t you tell me your birthday was coming up?”
You shrug, “You didn’t ask”.
He leans over and whispers, “That deserves a spanking, a birthday spanking; which I will happily administer later, when we are alone.”
You just grin and pat his chest, “You wish”.
“Oh it'll happen baby, even if I have to blow out all your candles.”

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Escapists! Muah.

Awwww!! Yay for birthdays!!❤️❤️❤️
Awe a visit with Gil as a birthday present, very sweet. A great surprise from this sexy man. 🎂🎂🎉🎉
So I need to see this bday spanking. just saying...