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Man do I really need to explain why? This guy likes to experiment on anybody friend or foe. The why he dresses weirds me out, the way he has his face paint or whatever you what to call it, even down to his voice (dubbed). Someone please give this man a cough drop and some tea. The battle with him and Szayel was just a duo of creeps battling it out, how fitting they were to fight.

Take the face paint off, and the head accessories...halloween can't be everyday.

A face only a mother could love looking boy....

In all seriousness I always found him pretty creepy in some ways kinda funny.
...and this man don't know nothing about personal space.
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Ah... i love him so much!! he is so cool and awesome and just about everybody is afraid of his crazy ass!! Ya never know what hes gonna do or say!! πŸ’“πŸ’‹πŸ’–