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Who: Reader x Huang Zitao x Lee Seunghyun x Kim Minjun
What: Smut, Journey, Love
Story: Welcome to The Panda Zoo a club meant to bring fantasies to life and for get about the troubles of life. A step brother, ex boyfriend and your friend with benefits have two things in common the first is you but the second goes much deeper...

Zitao's POV

For the moment, he didn't have to think. He just gave into carnal desires. That's what Panda Zoo was all about. She was bobbing her head up and down on him, slurping him up and her mouth felt so smooth. He ran his hand through her hair and made her go faster. He groaned out in the room. His groans sounded louder than they were in the silence of the room. The music and chatter from outside couldn't be heard from in here. This was where time stopped he needed this moment to last as long as possible. He picked up her head and kissed her. He kissed her like he was hungry but he was really just trying to push down feelings. Things that he didn't want to deal with or think about like what Ji- Yun was doing with his son while he was working. While he was doing this...

He picked her up from her knees and bent her over the couch. At this point, desire took over him, desire to escape life, his life, a truth that he didn't want to believe. It was false, it wasn't real, he's a good father. She would say the same thing. She would say that he was right to worry. He pushed inside of her and started moving quickly. He ran his hand through his hair but his groans sounded animal like. She was moaning but she sounded quite surprised by his aggressive actions. She screamed when he hit a certain spot.

"Oh god!" she moaned.

She gripped onto the couch harder and he kept going, he wasn't even thinking about stopping. He just kept moving in her. Her walls tightened around him like they were trying to defend from the assault but he kept going. He kept pushing into her. He switched the position so that he was sitting on the couch and she was on his lap. Her leg was hiked up by his hand and he started thrusting up into her. She reached back to hold his head close to hers while she moaned hard, long and loud. This was amazing.

"Tao." she cried.

"Come if you want." he was amazed by the lack of emotion in his voice.

He adored Y/n as his step sister. A part of him was thrilled by this, it was hot and wrong and he liked it. He flipped her on the couch and pushed her head down. He was being more aggressive than he thought he could be.

"Fuck!" he moaned as he pushed deeper inside of her.

She felt amazing, she was moaning hard into the couch gripping it so hard her knuckles turned white. He came down and kissed her neck, he kissed her shoulders all the while his hips still moved with aggression.

"Shit I'm gonna cum." he warned her.

He kept going inside of her and then pulled out when he felt it coming. She flipped over rubbing her clit quickly while he jerked himself off. He looked down at her as she looked up at him. She laced her fingers with his empty hand and they both reached a climax; he spilled onto her stomach while she breathed heavily. She was left in amazement and she laughed as he went to go clean her up. It was like he was back to his normal self and he felt like he had been too harsh with her. He cleaned her up and he helped her sit up.

"You've got something on your mind." she said wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

He looked down at the floor and sighed,

"That's not for here." he said.

She nodded,

"You know you can talk to me though. I know dad isn't the easiest person to talk to but you do have me if you ever need something. You know I'm not one to judge and considering we just bumped pelvises I don't think we have anything to hide." she laughed.

He looked at her half thinking he might say something but he sighed and looked away.

"We should go downstairs and enjoy the rest of the club. I hear Seunghyun has a performance tonight." he said standing up and getting his clothes on.

She stood up slowly,

"Oh yeah I forgot that's a real thing, geeze I'm not gonna be walking for a week. I think you fucked me harder than Seunghyun and Minjun ever could. I don't know how to feel about that." she laughed.

He looked back at her and touched her waist softly. He looked at her body for a moment and swallowed. He looked up at her and said,


He kissed her forehead and she looked at him curiously. She could tell something was wrong but this was the place to escape, he didn't need her trying to analyze him.

"Get dressed." he said.

She gave him a small smile obviously amused that he was giving her orders. She nodded instead and finished getting dressed. He walked her out of the room on his arm and locked the door behind them. They walked downstairs with each other and Minjun was walking towards them by the time they came down. He nodded to them nicely and said,

"Have fun kids?"

"Lots." She smiled at him.

"You two should take lessons from him." she laughed.

He felt a little embarrased about that mainly because he didn't normally get that aggressive and he wasn't sure why it had just overcome him like that. He wanted to get away and some how his mind wouldn't settle enough during sex to help him escape. Their moment together went by too fast. For a moment, he wished he had kept her in there longer and they just sat there looking at the room just relaxing in silence. Minjun looked to Tao and smiled,

"Looks like you've impressed our little princess. Just don't tell Seunghyun."

"I don't intend to." He said.

They all laughed knowing how Seungri might get if he heard that he had fucked her hard. He had fucked her. That word just seemed so odd for someone like him. He wasn't a fuck kind of person he was just someone that found substance in something. He thought he found substance in Ji-Yun but clearly he was wrong about her. He knew she was doing something but he didn't know what. She was probably just using all his money to get herself something and not even taking care of their son. He got a little more annoyed and looked away upset. Y/n looked at him and cupped his face so that he looked down at her. She gave him a soft smile.

"Let's get you a drink you're very tense." she said.

He wanted to refuse but she already had his hand and led him to the bar. He looked back to see Minjun giving him a look like he couldn't drop his act here. He had to keep it up. So they ordered drinks together and he led her to the stage to see Seunghyun perform. They talked while he was still getting ready for his set and he made her laugh a few times. They were talking about how she found a snake just outside her house and she picked it up. Tao found it gross and creepy but Y/n wasn't easily scared by snakes. Her neighbor, however, was and had asked her to get it away from the house so she set it free near a wooded area behind her place. She wasn't sure if it would come back but she was sure that it was a female snake and she was hoping it didn't have babies. She could only handle one snake at a time. Seunghyun came out and performed and Y/n watched him with almost glowing eyes. She found him captivating and Tao wondered if he'd find someone like that. Someone that would look at him like he was the whole world. He wondered if his son would look at his mother like that or hate her. He wondered if his son would love him or hate him for not taking action. He knew something was going on he just didn't know what which was why he stayed mostly silent. That silence might get his son hurt, it might just kill Tao himself. He looked to Y/n, he wondered why she didn't date Seunghyun, they liked each other a lot and she slept with him behind the scenes but neither one was committing to the other. Perhaps it was because of what happened to Seunghyun and he wasn't ready to be in a relationship. Y/n was a forever mystery to him, she was making jokes and living so care free but he over heard his step father say that he was afriad she was throwing her life away. He knew she quit her job and was going around and traveling but his step father was worried about her because she didn't have a new job. Letting her in on the deal with Panda Zoo was probably her new source of income, which was great for her but he still wondered what was going on in her mind.

"You always take care of us Y/n but what's going on with you?" he asked.

She looked at him and gave him a smile,

"Nothing and that's the best part. It's an easy life for me."

He felt for some reason she was putting on a front but he couldn't be sure exactly...

Seunghyun's POV

The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and are never explained.

Seunghyun stood at the cemetary like this almost every day since he passed. His best friend, his brother, his partner in crime. One moment he was there and the next he was gone. It was the craziest thing. It was the most hurtful because he had blamed himself for so long. Y/n was with him for every moment. The moment she found out he was in the hospital she came running, she stayed by his side, she came to visit him with Seunghyun while he was on life support but he just wasn't coming back. He found himself here today again. The thing that Y/n gave him was a release and she had become his rock since Jiyong died. He blamed himself many times for what happened. They were both in the car and Seunghyun was driving. Jiyong told him to go one way and he told him he wanted to take a detour. It would be fun, they'd see a little more, maybe pick up a few girls on the way and then a car out of no where ran the light and hit them. Jiyong wasn't gone, he was breathing but the car had flipped and they were trapped and just hanging there waiting for someone to bring them back, to save them. Seunghyun got out with scrapes and brusies, a few fractures but Jiyong had slipped into a coma. He was put on life support, he wasn't able to breathe on his own. The doctors didn't think he'd make it. He and Y/n were there all the way up to the day to watch them pull the plug. They both said their goodbyes and Jiyong was no longer with them. That was the first time he let himself cry in public, in front of Y/n and she held him and let him cry and let him lash out and yell and scream and at some point he had said some terrible things to her where he knew he hurt her feelings but she had let it pass and she forgave him. He found himself falling for her unintentionally because she was so supportive and always there for him. The more they slept together the more he liked her. Bringing her into the Panda Zoo was supposed to be a great thing but the guys had gotten her before he did. He wanted to show her his Domain. He was waiting for the moment she'd get his card, she'd love it, he knew she would. He hated the randomness of it all and even if he had her everyday during the day time Tao and Minjun got her at night. He wasn't ready to admit he had feelings for her, especially since she seemed stand offish in that territory, like she wasn't going to allow herself to fall in love with him or anyone for that matter. He had noticed that she was losing weight too. She was starting to look unhealthy, she was getting too thin, he was starting to feel the line of her spine when he was with her. He always traced a line down her back with his fingers softly but now he could feel her spine more and more. He didn't know what was going on with her but anytime he tried to ask her about it she changed the subject.


He turned around to see Y/n smiling at him. She ran across the street after looking both ways and even thanking a car that had stopped for her to pass. She hurried over to him and she had a few flowers in her hand, a small boquet. She stopped when she got in front of him and he felt the need to bring his hand to the top of her head and pet her softly. She chuckled at him and then gave him a look that had a slightly sad tone to it.

"I figured you might be here too." she said.

He nodded,

"Yeah, everyday." he said and looked away.

She grabbed his hand and held it as she led him into the cemetary. He was following slightly behind her until she pulled him a little more and he had to walk beside her. She looked at him and said,

"You come out and stand at the entrance all the time but when's the last time you've actually been in here."

"Two weeks after his funeral was the last time." he said.

She looked down and then back at him,

"If you're going to visit you should at least do it properly." she said.

She led him to Jiyong's grave and he saw his birth date and his death date and felt every emotion he had ever held down start to well up. She prayed while he stared at the tombstone disgusted with himself. She looked down at the tombstone and said,

"It's been a while Jiyong, I came to replace your flowers. Sorry I've kind of been busy but I want you to know I'm taking care of Seungri like you asked."

He looked at her,

"He asked you to do that?" he said.

She looked back at him with a small smile and nodded. He looked away from the tombstone.

"I've always hated these places. It just feels spooky. It's not like I'm afraid of ghosts or anything it's just that, so much death is here and I'd rather not have to face it."

"Seunghyun that's ridculous death is everywhere, anywhere you turn and all over the world, standing right beside you. Death is a reality and that's one thing we can't escape. We can just- - accept it." she said.

"Accept that I was the one that killed him? How can I even do that?"

She shook her head and turned to face him. She gave him a hard look for a moment and then her face got soft and sympathetic. She sighed,

"Life asked death one day, why does everyone love me and hate you? Death answered, because you're a beautiful lie -- and I'm a painful truth." she said.

He looked at her and then away. That didn't help that only made it hurt but she was right, it was just reality. Reality of life, the day you're born is the first step towards death it's just an automatic thing. It's like a clock system that's set the moment you're born. Not even then, the moment of conception and the clock begins. He hated that, that's probably why he didn't like Tao's Domain; it just made him uncomfortable.

She reached out for his hand and looked at him. She looked like she was in pain seeming him like this. She hugged him and whispered.

"Death twitches my ear 'live' he says 'I am coming'."

The way she emphasized live made his heart ache, especially since she felt so small in his arms.

"What is that?" he asked.

"Virgil, he was Roman." she smiled at him.

He brushed hair behind her ear as wind began to blow it in front of her. She smiled but turned her head to cough. She had a coughing fit for a while and Seunghyun worried about her. He made her look at him and he said,

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, just a little cough." she chuckled lightly.

He looked at her seriously,

"Y/n have you been eating? You've been losing a lot of weight."

"Yeah I've been eating silly. I can't help the losing weight part though. I'm fine though, speaking of food I could use some now let's go." she said.

She grabbed his hand and started walking away,

"Bye Jiyong I'll be back again." she said as she pulled Seunghyun away from the tombstone.

He looked at Y/n and felt some sort of heaviness that he didn't really want to believe was there. He wanted to tell her how he felt about her, he was in love with her and all he wanted to do was hold her. He didn't want the others touching her but they had made the deal to do this for Panda Zoo they all needed a break, a relief, a way to forget.

Live while they still could.

She pulled him along with a happy smile and he decided to enjoy having her with him for the moment. He ran up to her and picked her up from behind she playfully screamed and laughed as he spun her around. He placed her on her feet and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. She walked with him across the street and they looked for a place to eat together while talking about places that she was thinking about going next.

"Y/n you're traveling so much what happens when you run out of money?" he said.

"Well I guess we'll have to wait and find out. My savings is pretty loaded Ri Ri just because you're a loaded Panda doesn't mean us mortals like to flash off our riches. Money is an object it's not happiness itself. Freedom and true beauty is and that's what I'm living for right now."

"What about your future?" he asked.

Her smile faltered for a second and he didn't miss it. She sighed and said,

"I often wonder myself but then I think- the future is just too far away for me to think about and too far away for me to reach. Yesterday is today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. Since tomorrow is never truly promised, I'd just rather live for today."

He stopped her and cupped her face,

"Y/n what's going on?"

"What's going is I'm hungry and we should go eat." she smiled.

He dipped his head down and kissed her, he kissed her softly and then he kissed her deeper. Jiyong would've wanted him to say something but when he pulled away and took a breath and he looked into her eyes- he couldn't find the words. He couldn't say it and he didn't know why. She smiled at him and told him to hurry with her and she went back under his arm, her arm wrapped around his body and they walked down the street together. Seunghyun blamed himself for so long about Jiyong's death but he remembered Y/n whispering to him one night in the dark when she thought he was asleep. She kissed his cheek and said,

"Jiyong would be so proud of the man you've become and so am I."

She had slipped out of bed and left that night.

Y/n... why do I feel like you're creating distance between you and me?

Are you about to leave?

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