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Hello Topp Klass! It's Melissa with a special reminder that Topp Dogg Community will be part of the Spring Event. Its going to have multiple communities involved. It has started on May 7th and will end on May 21st. There will 3 catogeries for this event. So Topp Dogg will have 3 winners. The catogeries are:
fan fiction
fan art
Click here for further rules on the event.
Now for the prizes!
First we are having cards dedicated to each winner with their choice of bias spam, wallpaper or slideshow video.
Second our winners will receive a choice of Journal desk set with bias stickers, or we can declared a day just for their bias. Both bias and bias wrecker.

Wow! Awesome prizes for awesome winners! We can't wait to see all your entries. We wish everyone Good Luck!