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Hello everyone!!

Pffftttt, whaaaaaa I'm not completley late on this card!! Pssshhh what you talking about!!??

*Sighs* Fiiinnnneeee you got me.... I know I was suppose to post this on Monday or even Tuesday, and it's Thursday soooo that's a big difference.

But I should at least try to be a good mod and make this card, even if the week is almost over;;

Anyway! This week we'll be posting pictures of our CNBlue members with their pets, or just animals in general!!

I personally really like this theme because I LOVE animals!!!! :D So this is great~

Also, the Multi-Community Spring Event did officially start on Sunday, so please make sure to participate in as many communites as you can!! (Especially CNBlue C:) But this event is only fun with the involvement and participation of you guys!!

So please join in~

I look forward to seeing your guys' entries in every community (especially CNBlue *wink wink* and I hope you guys enjoy seeing CNBlue with animals!!!

(It'll be great~ I promise~ Animals are so adorable and so is CNBlue ^-^)

And see you all on Sunday with my card~

~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

Code Name: Loners

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The Outcasts

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*The Dangerous Bitches*

Your not late, you are just on time.
I like to post these weekly stuff on Monday, buuuuuuuutttt I'll take your word for it cX
I love how you kept you outro, it's great