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Anime: Another lets start *gets the chills a bit* (x_x)" so to tell u the truth this anime is kinda scary and the eerie music (not a big fan of scary things or eerie music i get scaried easily with those two put together ;-; ) but this anime has a great plot and once u start to watch it u won't stop u'll want to it ends so i recommend it ^u^ if u haven't watch it
Character: Mei Misaki
She a kinda mysterious, we meet her in the beginning of the anime, and funny thing she attends the same school like the main character.
she like these dolls that look so realistic and that doll next to Mei look like her which i thought was kinda scary have ur doppelganger next to u (^_^")
her personality, how quiet she is, how mysterious she is and how with her green eye she see the color of death (which make me think what color is death 0.0?)
is the main question she and the main character are trying to find out to break the curse their class has and stop these bad things from happenings
well....thanks for reading and hopefully u have a great day ^u^