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Warning! An EXØplicit (19+ Mature/seXual content)

He moved the blanket from over her, letting his hand run the length of her body to her hips. He moved slowly hoping that she wouldn't stop him, relishing every moment. He waited too long for this to happen.

He kissed her as softly as he could, he tried not to get greedy but she tasted so good and she moved her lips so well. He moved his hand back up, slipping under her shirt. Making small movements as he inched his way to just under her breast. Following the lining of her bra to the back, he unhooked it. He deepened the kiss as his hand made its way back to her front. Her breath quickening as his thumb finds it's way to her hardened nipple, circling it. She moaned, moving away from his lips, she moved his head to that same nipple, wanting to feel his mouth.

He lifted her shirt and bra up over her head, exposing her upper body to him. He took one breast into his mouth, the other he squeezed and played with. Her hands combed through through his hair, and when he played with her nipple between his teeth, she cried out HIS name, his dongsaengs name but he didn't care, or tried not to care this time. He moved back up to her mouth, his body hovering over hers. He knew she'd been through a lot and didn't want to bare his weight on her but she pulled him down, wrapping her legs around his waist. Almost naturally, his hips started to grind up against her.

Her nails dragging against his skin as she pulled his shirt off. She rolled over on top of him, pecking down his chest. Her eyes were still closed. When he noticed, he stopped her, turning her face up to him.

“Look at me.”

At first, she didn't seem to hear him, his little brother had sent him to comfort her but he wanted her to see him. To look at him and be with him. “Open your eyes and look at me.” Slowly she opened her eyes.

Keeping eye contact, she continued her descent. He caressed her cheek as she undid his pants pulling them down then off. He was anxious, he couldn't wait to feel her around him. His heart was pounding hard. He let out a long deep sigh as her mouth enveloped the tip of his waiting cock. His head feel back feeling her take him into her mouth slowly. His body spasming every time she went down and when her tongue glided up and down the underside of his member. It was driving him crazy. He gripped the pillow under his head, moaning louder. When her hands moved up his body, he grabbed hold, slipping his fingers in between hers.

“I just want to make you feel good.” he says pulling her up his body.

He immediately started kissing her, his hands moving down, following the curves of her backside. His fingers catch the waistband of her shorts and pulls them off. He grabs and squeezes her ass, pulling her further up his body. Rolling back over, he creeps his fingers down between her thighs, moving them over her moist vagina, he loved how wet she was. Her knees part, allowing him to easily slide two fingers into her making her moan into his mouth, her pelvis moving against his hand. His fingers move in circles in and out of her. The sensation making her suck his lips harder than before.

He pulls away, looking down at her. Her eyes are closed again. He stops what he's doing.

“Don't stop.” she begs him, tugging on his forearm, trying to make him move again, “Hnnn please don't stop.” She hooks her arms around his neck and pulls him over on top of her. She spreads her legs for him and starts shifting her hips against him, trying to show him how much she wants him. Then she hears him again, telling her to open her eyes. She kisses up his neck, he let's out a soft sigh. She could feel how ready he as he pressed his hard cock against her but he was holding back.

“Look at me.” he said again trying to stay in control. He pushes her shoulders down and gently grabs her chin, “Look at me.”

She opened her eyes, looking into his.

“Its me” her dark god said, "It's me, not him."

“I know.” She lifted up her head and kissed him.

She felt him finally give in. His hardness rubbed against her, finding the spot he desperately wanted, he looked deep into her eyes and pushed himself into the warmth of her womanhood. His breath releasing into her face, his eyes fluttering with the sensation of his hard member going in, as he starts to pump slowly. She nipped at his shoulder and neck as he moaned, his hips moving slow and steady. Moving in and out of her from every angle, his body moving like how danced. She clawed at his strong thighs, his muscles flexing with every move. Not losing pace, he locks lips with her. Every now and then releasing her as he towered over her, arching back, moaning pleasantly into the air.

Sweat was dripping down his neck and chest, dripping down on her. She enjoyed seeing him like this. She thrusted herself up against him, he whined with pleasure. His beautiful face expressing that pleasure.

His thrusts came faster and harder. He was slamming into her so hard, she had to press against the headboard to keep her head from hitting it. It felt so good, she started to cry out his name, her body spazzing as she climaxed. He wrapped himself around her, holding her tight as he reached his own. His body was shaking as he looked into her face, she wiped the sweat from around his face, he gave her a drunken smile.

They laid in bed holding onto each other. He had a look of content and satisfaction. She knew he'd been waiting and she wondered how much longer was he going to wait. She smiled and shook her head, as traced over his face.

“Thank you.” She whispered and snuggled into him and after a few minutes, fell asleep.

He held her, not wanting to let go. He was determined to lay with her until morning. Because for now, she belonged to him.

In the middle of the night, he woke up to someone sitting down behind him. He looked back and seen his dongsaeng sitting on the edge of the bed. Seeing him meant it was time for him to go. He was about to get up when his little brother stopped him. He looked at him questioningly. Then he watched him stand up and get undressed. His little brother crawled into bed on the other side of their sleeping noona. He put his arm around her, pulling her away from his hyung, turning her towards him, she cuddled into him, her arm wrapping around him too,

“baby, I miss you….” she sleepily said, “when you coming home” she started to weep in her sleep, “I miss you so damn much”

He gave her a kiss. He looked at his hyung. He reached over and touched his cheek. And quietly asked, “are you happy now?”

“Yes.” the dark one answered. He looked at their noona, laying his head back down, his hand resting on her hip. “Yes, I am.”

The maknae looked down at her, he had missed her, his heart and soul had been hurting being away from her. He gazed at his hyung, “Just remember, she belongs to me… just like how you belong to me.”

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holy shit! That was everything!! And you wanted to deny us of that!?!? That was selfish. lmaooooooooo
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@Matokokepa that's one hell of an attempt damnit!! whew!!