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In her dreams, she was curled up next to her baby god, they were lying on soft grass next to the river. She was happy to see him lying next to her, she put her hand on his bare chest, feeling it rise and fall. The moon seemed to shine on only them. He rolled onto his side, putting his arm under his head, gazing at her. His smile was like the starry night above them. It reminded her of a poem she once wrote.

“Did you miss me?” he asked.

“Why did you leave?”

His face went grey. She felt his hand on her belly, “I had to protect you and the baby. He won't touch you so long as I do as he says.”

“What about her?.... What's she getting out of this?”

His face went even greyer, “She gets to have me… I don't like it. She disgusts me. I close my eyes and try to pretend she's you, I miss you so much jagiya, it hurts so bad.” She seen a tear roll out of his eye.

She wiped his tear away, “Then come home.”

Her eyes got heavy, she all of sudden felt tired as hell.

“Just come home baby… I need you.”

He pulled close to her, she could feel him breathing on her face, “Do you miss me that much?”

She nodded, her eyes were trying to close.

He grinned his best and kissed her, “Go to sleep, get your rest, you don't look well enough yet. You need to be strong for the baby.” He rolled her onto her back, rubbed her belly and kissed where he guessed the baby would be.

“Stay.” she said as she drifted off into sleep.

When she woke up, it was late afternoon. She couldn't believe she had slept that long. She felt okay but still tired. She rolled over into the spot she'd seen her baby god lying in her dream. Hugging the pillow tight, she breathed it in.

“Smells just like him.” She said holding it close.

Then she seen something lying on the corner of the bed. Picking it up, she turned the little box this way and that and then opened it. The little ring shined bright even in the fading day. She pulled it out. Underneath was a note.

It read, “Jagiya, my noona, you are everything to me and now you and the baby are my world. More precious than this diamond. I love you.”

She picked the pillow up and inhaled deep.

“Had he really been here?” She questioned herself. She turned and looked around her little apartment, her dark god nowhere to be seen but hanging over the back of the couch was her baby god's black leather jacket, the one he had been wearing the last time she seen him.

She showered and got ready.

As she walked out the door, she slipped the ring onto her finger. It was a little big but she didn't care. She walked down the street determined to get her baby god back. She went directly to her friends place.

Her friend opened the door surprised, “Unnie, what are you doing here? You should be resting.”

She shook her head, “Show me what you got on that little skank.”

Her friend told her to come in.

She sat down on the couch, “You said she changed her name?”

“Yes.” Her friend answered from the other room, then she came walking in with that binder, she put the binder down on the coffee table, “Changed her name, plastic surgery, the whole nine yards.”

Noona flipped through it.

“Did their hyung tell you? That dancer one and your honey finally figured out who she was. Its strange…” her friend said thinking.

“What is?”

“Did you ever hear about that rumor that a woman got locked in the basement and when they found her, she was nearly dead?” Her friend waited, her unnie got a frustrated look on her face, “So you have?”

“That fucking security guard… he told me about it once. It was way before all this happened.” She shook her head in disbelief.

“She was that woman. I vaguely remember seeing her around. Apparently, this is the same woman that became obsessed with your honey. From what their hyung said, those two, your favorite ones played with her. When they were finished with her, she became upset. She threatened to expose her so-called relationship with the maknae. He says she disappeared after that.” Her friend happen to look down and seen the ring.

“So what, she's getting revenge for what happened to her? The manager did it to her first and thought he could do it again. Here she comes popping up a year or two later, threatens to expose what he had done if he don't help her.” Noona picked up the binder and threw it across the room.

“She still wants him.” Her friend was unsure what to do now.

Noona looked at her friend, and wanted to apologize then it dawned on her, “You came over the other day, didn't you?”

Her friend nodded, “but you were ill and they were there so I just left it to them. I thought it would be best if I just sat tight until you came around.”

“But still….” She hugged her friend, “I'm sorry. I know you must've been so scared.”

“I'm just glad nothing bad happened to you.” her friend hugged her back. “Have you eaten yet?” She jumped and headed for the kitchen, noona followed her.

“Did they say anything else?” she asked, curious as hell to hear of their plans.

“They want to expose her but they don't how. I told them to just hand the info over to a reporter that likes to dig up dirt on celebrities. And throw the manager in there as well.” her friend said angrily.

Noona sat thinking. Her friend found her silence unsettling.

“What are you thinking?” Her friend asked.

“He said he did it to protect us… maybe I should take it a step further.”

Her friend looked back at her curiously, “what do you mean?... And when did you see him?”

“I don't know, that's a little hard to explain but I was thinking maybe I should just disappear.” noona said, her fingers drumming on her chin as she thought it out more.

“Where would you go that no one would think to look for you.”

Noona smiled. She could think of only one place, the very place no one would look. Not even her baby god.