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This is such a lovely shot, thought the Great White looks terrifying as always. Photographer Marc Henauer "Off the coast of Guadalupe Island, great white sharks gather to feed on sea lions.It is an ideal place to observe these majestic animals in their natural state.Far ideas through Hollywood movies, the great white shark remains fearful of man and does not leave easily approached."
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@janekhon Oh, they are beautiful indeed, beautiful and scary. XD
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You know...if it just swims around right there, the propeller will kill it. :D
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@Saravy Shark hater... Sharks are awesome! Y'know, as long as you're not in the water with them.
4 years ago·Reply
Yep @GarrusVakarian , I agree with you. @Saravy is a total shark hater. Gosh. Lol. Yep, beautiful as long as you are not its food.
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Magnicifant animal < 3
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