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So, I messaged @monbebearmybbc the other day and asked her if she knew what my favorite dance of theirs was. She said she assumed it was Stuck, which was what I was thinking as well, but after going through and watching a bunch of dance practices, I finally found the one. Also, I apologize for not participating in yesterdays post, but I honestly didn't know what to do for that. I can't remember my first impressions of the members...

I actually forgot about this dance practice until I started looking up videos and this was one of the results. I adore this video so much and it literally causes me to have the biggest smile on my face when I watch all of them being silly. I wish they would do more beagle versions. I do still feel bad for Jooheon when they almost drop him. Shownu being the good person he is makes sure he doesn't fully fall though!