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Hey Onces!

This week is subunit week, and today we'll be looking at a possible subunit for our adorable Nayeon!

I thought about this a lot, and decided that like Tzuyu, she would probably be best in a vocal (slash aegyo subunit).

But with whom, you might ask?

Well, first, let's just appreciate this adorable angel.

(Have I mentioned how much I love her bunny teeth? Because I really do <3)

Now onto other members:

2) Lisa - BlackPink

She's absolutely precious and adorable, and a perfect fit for the subunit. Her voice is amazing and I'm going to stop myself here before I drone on about how much I love her...

3) Hyerin - EXID

Ahhhhhhh! She's so cute and amazing <333

4) Woohyun - Infinite

I am absolutely weak and he's just so beautiful and just wow...

5) Jimin - BTS

You can't spell aegyo without Park Jimin (Well I mean you could but...). His voice is angelic and I swear I have never been more jealous of a dog than I was of this one.

6) Jungkook - BTS

I had Jungkook with Tzuyu for her subunit, but anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely smitten for this bunny. He's such an angel and his voice is gorgeous.

But what do you think? A vocal subunit that's filled to the brim with angelic voices, aegyo, and bunny teeth? Honestly, Nayeon's aegyo kills me! Let me know what you think!


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