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The Keroro platoon consisting of Keroro, Giroro, Tamama, Kururu, and Dororo. A group of frog like aliens here to evade and conquer pekopon (earth) and enslave the pekoponians (humans). Struggling on the way by the Hinata family they just can't seem to do what they came here for, mostly because of their Sergent, Keroro. Who talks a lot about conquering pekopon but rather spend most of his time making gundam models.
I friggin love this was just of adventure of laugher and silliness. I really like how unpredictable they all can be and just when you think they can't get anymore crazy, they go insane, I love it!! xD
Best of Sgt Frog - Season 1

Most epic fight ever
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I love that show, but it's rele only good in dub
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