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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Y/n's POV

You and Mintaek had been going at it for hours, repeatedly, round after round; he couldn't get enough of you and as long as you were willing to give in to him he was going to take as much as he could and savor the taste. He was under the sheets licking you up, you were worn down but he kept going. Your eyes were rolled back and gripping the bed sheets. His tongue played with your clit, he used the tip to flick back and forth and then he'd suck on you. His fingers approached your heat and he pushed them inside of you. You moaned low but it came out long and from deep within you.

"Mintaek." you breathed.

He kept going, his tongue kept playfully teasing you to make you feel good and you did. You'd come moments ago but he was torturing you. He was pushing you to another orgasam but it was back to back and your body was over sensitive. You reached down to lace your fingers through his hair and you called his name again. You moaned and pushed him deeper into your core.

"Keep going, keep going. Ah- Fuck! So good. Mintaeeekk." you moaned the closer you got.

It felt like torture because you were close to coming but it wasn't happening just yet it was like staying in the point of limbo where it felt so fucking good but you couldn't reach the end. Not being able to climax was probably the best-worst torture ever. He kept playing with your core, his fingers went faster, his tongue curled up and licked faster and with more purpose and it felt so good.

"Mintaek make me cum." you cried.

It was like staying on the edge, you were ready to fall off. He sucked on your clit, harder and harder while his fingers fucked you fast and curled up.

"OHHHH- my goooooood!" You finally came.

It was an explosion that had your body shaking violently even as you came down you were still shaking and basking in the amazing release of the pressure that had built up and lingered way too long. Mintaek crawled up your body from below your blanket and kissed you. He ran his hand that hadn't been inside you through your hair and kissed you harder. You felt his fangs nip at your lips and you liked it even more. You pulled him in even more to kiss him deeper and he pulled away to push his fingers into your mouth. You started to suck on his fingers tasting yourself on him.

"That's it, such a good girl." he praised you.

He pulled his fingers from your mouth.

"Mintaek I'm spent." you said running your fingers through his hair.

"I know baby." he said.

He sat up and looked you in the eyes. He started playing with your hair as he spoke.

"After I gave you my mark, you were so miserable. I thought you would never let me be with you like this again. Everytime I slept with you afterwards, I thought you'd come closer to me. Anytime you gave in, I thought you might move closer to me. Why did it take letting you go to get you back? " he asked.

"This time it was my choice." you said petting him back.

"If I had told you?"

"Maybe I wouldn't have believed you. I can't be certain; we won't ever be certain but I was more upset at you for not getting a chance to say yes or no. I wasn't explained what I was going into and that made me afraid and angry but even when you released me for those three years I always felt you near me so when you really released me for real it was the first time I didn't feel you and that scared me. I guess when you're connected to someone for so long it's hard to really accept the end."

"I let you go because that's what you wanted. I know I said that Digit is our son, I know I chose to stand up for you but I just thought about how much I was taking from you. I don't understand how you attached to Digit so quickly but then I started realizing you're adopted too. You talk to your brothers and love them as if they're your own blood."

"That's because a person doesn't necessarily have to be blood to be family. You just love them with all your heart and then they are." you whispered.

He nodded,

"Digit is our son."

"And I will be your wife." you smiled.

He linked fingers with you and kissed the back of your hand you smiled as he crawled closer to you to kiss your neck lightly...

After taking a shower, you two got dressed and found Hyun Jung in the training hall with Digit. She was giving him instruction on how to use a sword. He was good for a child. You and Mintaek watched him with quiet amusement but he probably already smelled you two come closer. He just hadn't said anything, he was concentrating.

"Parry." Hyun Jung called out.

Digit parried flawlessly.

"Left strike, right, make sure you roll your wrist properly." she said.

He did as she commanded and you felt proud of his talent.

"That's enough." Hyun Jung said.

She looked over to you two and said,

"You should be proud of him. His skills are much better than any of the baby Vamps we have here. Or the grown ups."

You had one Vampire in mind that she was referring to. You smiled and Digit grinned happily and bowed before he ran over to you to give you a hug. You laughed as you rubbed his back and knelt down to get to him. You smiled at him,

"You did very good out there." you said.

"Just work a little more on your parrying kid, you've got it down mostly." Mintaek said patting his head.

The way Digit looked up at Mintaek made your heart flutter. You smiled happily at them both. Mintaek gave him a soft smile. You looked up at Mintaek and said,

"Can we go to Janera?"

"What for?" he asked.

"Answers." you gave a small smile.

You had been thinking about it since you had said something to him about the union between all three of you. Janera said something about it too. It was like three houses that created a unity, a balance that could bring an end to a war that just might begin. What did the triple eclipse do exactly? How were you supposed to create the unity between the three races when one of them was in hiding and you had no idea how to unite the other two that had been fueding for thousands of years. Mintaek didn't seem to find a problem with it and he took you out of the training room. Digit held onto your hand and Mintaek led you out to the back gate so that you could take the bike that he had taken you on before. You had Digit sit between you and Mintaek as you three rode out to Janera. You came up to the entrance feeling something strange but it seemed anytime you were in Janera you felt odd.

"One of you can go in but we'll have to stay out here or we'll all get stuck." Digit said.

You nodded. You still didn't know how to control that part of your projection very well and you were hoping that Janera could help train you like she said she would.

"I'll go in." you said.

Mintaek nodded,

"Be careful." he said.

"Watch Digit." you said.

He gave you a nod and then you headed in with them to see the stone bridge that connected to the temple of Janera's statue. You walked up behind her and opened the door to walk in after giving a final look back to Mintaek. You saw the white room again and then you saw Janera's smiling face,

"You're back." she said.

"In person this time." you said.

"Lucky you. What is your question?"

"What's with the triple eclipse? What does it do exactly?"

"The triple eclipse mainly effects Vampires in a few different variables. It was seen as a holy day for them when the royal family was still in power. It was like the moment a vampire went through corination. The triple eclipse gives strength to the Vampires, it increases speed and they enhance their ablities. That is why the Vampires feel they will win this on coming war."

"What war, I mean I know the Wolves are a bit huffy towards the Vampires but honeslty nothing is happening right now. I mean what happens to start this?"

"Plenty of things. Such as a Chimera attack on a child." Janera smiled.

You looked at her oddly but then you thought back to when you and Digit were in your room the day you brought him back to the Society.

There's some force at work I'm afraid. A force that would like to reenact the war between Vampires and Wolves once again.

Oh my parents are dead. The Chimera killed them. It was kind of an odd attack, it was like they were purposely released to chase us .

"What the hell are Vampires releasing Chimera out on a Wolf family for?" you said angry.

"Not Vampires. A Vampire. A division is more in their favor than in a unity."

"Who is it?"

"That you'll have to figure out yourself but I can tell you it's someone you wouldn't expect." she smiled.

That didn't help any. You were annoyed now but then you focused on the question that you wanted to know.

"Three races are to unite, how do I do that? How do we do that? I can't even find the Fae city and what am I supposed to do about the Vampires and Wolves fueding when one of them are trying to keep the divide?"

"That's a lot of questions at once." she chuckled.

That made you slightly impatient because you really didn't need her giggling and making it seem like everything was okay. A Vampire had sent Chimera after a wolf family. What were they thinking? That could've started something much bigger before they even got their strength up. The humans at the Society were being trained to fight but in the end they were risking losing their mates and their lives all because of one action. Thanton didn't seem to really care that you had wanted Digit by your side. He accepted both yours and Mintaek's decision to make him your son. Mintaek talked about the unity with them, that Digt was one part to a solution that none of them had considered or even saw coming. There was one though...


You looked up at Janera. She smiled as if you had figured it out.

"What do I need to do?" you asked.

"You need to approach the Wolves first. They'll need to see a truth that they never knew was possible. The very thing that the beings of this world share is their belief in me and the very thing they value more than life is truth. You'll need to bring the King of Wolves here, his name is Myung Joon. He will be the one that I need to show the future, a path that he'll want and the path the he doesn't. Your son, Digit. He will be a prince and the messenger between both kinds. You will be the messenger for the Fae and Humans, Mintaek will be the messenger for the Vampires. Three heads, two worlds."

"So what, you want me to just send my eight year old to the Wolves to talk peace?"

"It worked for you didn't it." She chuckled.

You had to admit she was right about that but still.

"That's different I don't necessarily see a Wolf king finding a child's word credible."

"He doesn't have to. I told you before I used Digit to get you to me and I will use Digit to get Myung Joon to me. Digit plays as much of a role in this entire unity as yours and Mintaek's marriage does. You three will be the head of a unity and you, yourself, will be able to bring together a force and a council that deals fair judgment and keeps peace between the people. The division of the races will be the end of them and the end of everyone. Either you die as one of them or stand as their leader. Think of yourself as an embassdor. Mintaek is your hand and Digit, he's a loyal advisor. You are three heads in one. Your marriage on the day of the triple eclipse signifies a beginning that you couldn't even imagine and the child you bare afterwards will be more powerful than you could ever believe. She will have your heart and kindness and her father's power. You three will lead her to becoming the best force and leader that this world will ever know and that is a future that every race wants to see. The world as it is now, desolate, broken, empty, I can no longer sit idoly by and watch it rip itself apart. I own the Domains of life and death but I favor life more than bloodshed as I believe you do to." she said.

She seemed far more serious now than she had ever been before. Your little girl, you daughter was what she was trying to bring to power, to life. You were both nervous about that and thrilled, your daughter would be something great. You and Mintaek would have your daughter. That was a future you wanted and you didn't want to be denied it. Even less you wanted the future where Mintaek burned the world. It seemed like going along with her plan was the only way. Besides she was the one with all the answers.

"Alright, alright. So we send Digit to the Wolves then what?" you asked.

"Then you meet the Fae and master your Projection. When the triple eclipse comes, you will need to be ready to marry Mintaek. While Digit is with the Wolves, begin preperations and Y/n make the potion. I've given you the flower say the spell and make your potion. Do not waste the gift of life." she said.

You nodded.

"I should warn you to remain calm as well."

"Why?" you asked.

"Digit is now with the Wolves." she said.

You looked at her strangely but then you heard Mintaek's voice screaming your name. You turned around to look back and see the door opening to the temple. You ran through meeting Mintaek, who looked beaten down. You held onto him.

"Mintaek? Who did this to you?" you asked.

"Wolves. A pack came, they knew we'd be here, they took Digit. I tried to fight them off but-"

"How the hell did they know we were here?" you asked.

He shook his head but there must've been too many for him to fight. Janera said that he was with the Wolves now. You had to rely on Digit to do and say the right thing. He was eight though, he had convinced you of a lot and he was a very intelligent boy but he was eight. You wanted to kill someone. How dare they take him from you like that? Then you thought about who was in the Society. Someone had sent Chimera after his family. A Vampire that you didn't expect but you were very aware of who it was and when you got back to the Society you were going to kill him...

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