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It seems you all really liked PT1. if you haven't seen PT1 here it is:

So without further ado, here's PT2.


Kiss starts at 1:45 but it's worth watching from the beginning. Lee Byung Hyun is one of the best at passionate scenes, and he doesn't disappoint in IRIS.

In the drama "W" Lee Jong Suk delivers some of his best smooches. This one was my favorite.

This one from Strong Woman Do Bon Soon isn't a heavy kiss, but it made it to my list because of the sincerity and need you feel while watching. Note the tear rolling down his cheek from missing her so much. I held my breath during this one because I had the feels.

Jang Hyuk is one of my favorite actors, favorite voices, favorite laughs, and of course... Favorite kissers. This scene in Fated to Love you is by far my most favorite Beauty and the Tramp style Ramen Kiss. Anyone else hungry now?

This. omg. So much desire in this scene from Cruel City. I loved the kisses, but even more so the way the woman actively participated, how It progressed, and how the man treated her so carefully. It starts at 0:28

Warning to Melodies and Minhyuk stans, this kiss is short but hot. From After the Play's End, this kiss really delivers. Make sure you watch in highest quality. you'll see why *wink*
starts at 2:50 but it's a sweet clip from beginning to end.

Drum roll please.... PREPARE FOR BUTTERFLIES. This kiss was cut from this episode of Entourage to be more suitable for TV ... so enjoy this uncut passionate and realistic exchange between Ahn Sohee and Seo Kang Joon. If you want to know the gorgeous BG track, it's "Even if it's You by Reddy and Kim Boa.

Annnnnd that's a wrap. Sorry PT 2 Was so short... tell me of any that you'd like compiled for a possible PT 3 and if i get enough material I'll make a card.

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Some very hot kisses! You should add Fashion King in your 3rd part. There are 2 hot kissing scenes in that one 😉