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Hello Royal Family! It's Suki here with another Saturday! To keep with our theme, I will be doing a date with Boys Republic. Youget to spend the whole day with them. Let's see what events they haveplan for you today. Let's play!
First they pick you up and take you to have breakfast at cafe. This is a great place to go. The breads and coffee here are delicious. After breakfast and coffee, let's see where they take you next.
You go to the park to play a game of basketball. You use up the energy you have from breakfast and have lots of fun. After playing basketball, you go....
You go to the studio to watch them make music. They even let you sing. They show you how to use the stereo equipment and how to lay tracks. You even to get to record a song with them. After recording you need to learn the choreography, so that you to.....

The dance studio, where they show you some moves. You learn how to dance to the music you recorded earlier and you put on a mini show. Now it is getting close to the end of the date.

The guys you to a fancy restraunt, where they sing to you at dinner. You are having so much fun and not wanting the date to end, but you know it has to come to an end. They have to get ready to go on tour. You finish your dinner and they take you home.

While you lay in bed that night sleeping you dream of them and your wonderful date. I hope you enjoyed. Until next time stay Royal!

Royal squad
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The studio picture; can we take a moment to appreciate how delicious the one in the middle and the one to the right of him look?
We can take as long as you would like. They are delicious!
Great date! I'll be dreaming of it too 😊
Right! They leave a memorial presence.