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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Royal Spotlight! Yes, it's that time to announce our new member of Royal Spotlight! And that lucky person is...

Yes! That's right! Its no other then the amazing @WinKonVIP
Thank you for being such big help in organizing another Community event. Without you, it wouldn't been possible. Once again, thank you and that is what made you our latest Royal Spotlight member.
As our new Royal Spotlight member, you get to chose a prize!
Option A
A card dedicated to the Royal Spotlight member, with a choice of Bias spam, Bias Wallpapers, Bias Slideshow video or Bias one shot!
Option B
We can have a day be declared for the Royal Spotlight member's bias. We will solo do cards of that bias only on that day!
Please comment your chosen option ; )

How do I become the next BR Royal Spotlight member? I'm betting that's what you are asking. Its quite simple to becoming our next Royal Spotlight member. All you have to do is like, clip and more importantly comment in all Boys Republic cards. What helps even more, is participating in games and challenges. If you have an idea on how to improve our Community, please share with us. These kinds of things are huge bonus when tallying our next Royal Spotlight member. You never know, you might be it.

Good Luck Everyone! Till next time!

Congratulations @WinkinVIP!
thank you!
Yay!! Thank you so much!! I would love a one shot of Minsu if that's okay! 😄
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thank you!