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Red Carpet Hobi look aka (Suits)

안녕하세요 친구

Hello my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.


It's your BTS mod supporter here 이솔다 bringing you some darn good pics of our main sunshine:


In suits!! Well at least some Top 5 red carpet for me..
Here he is getting ready for us

Here he is dancing his nerves away

This lovely sparkly look

I'm not sure what I'm loving more: the all black or the accessory of a choker...

How adorbs is he with that bowtie?!?!?!

And i mean how can i forget THIS era!!!!

And just because he looks awfully good in these lol.

That's it my loves!

안녕!! See you lovely Hobi lovers next Friday and on special occasions!!

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oh my... by bias wearing my weakness... how dare you. lololol I LOVE THIS
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