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Meet the Df, for f**k sake don't ask me if the F should mean F mount or Fusion, it doesn't really matter. I think they should have just called it the FR, with the R for retro since it uses old Nikon F mount lenses from 50 years ago. Yes it is digital. Cost more than the D610 too. Would you get it?
@lyricalmotion Yea, it is quite a dud. Nikon could have made it more palatable if it was a thousand bucks cheaper.
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Sometime in the future I will hunt one of these down for myself. By then it'll be truly retro. And I'll probably be able to afford it, too.
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@BRNKNG Good idea. Price would have dropped after the launch making it a whole lot cheaper. I won't be buying one even when I win the lottery. I got my sights on a fully manual Leica MP.
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