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Hey Otakus!

\TuT/ I am soooo Sorry i did not post yesterday! I tried my very best to post but every time I tried Vingle would tell me the the Card failed to post and FINALLY I tested out another card and now I can finally post! So I am truly sorry for that you guys❀ (But let's continue xD)
Yesterday Was Day 6 of the Anime Giveaway and It Was Favorite Funny Friday! I will be making a card right after this one to explain what will be happening after this!
If you have not watched Gintama then I totally recommend you to stop what you are doing and watch it! Episode after episode there is always something to make you laugh and it's always thanks to the Amazing/Hilarious Characters!❀
I love this anime no matter what it always makes me laugh❀ Especially these three dorks right here xD Gintoki, Shinpachi & Kagura aka The Odd Jobs always bring a smile to my face and that is why it is my Favorite Funny Anime❀

Anime : Gintama❀

What is your Favorite Funny Anime?

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lol the smiles though